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Need Christmas theme ideas!


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Sep 7, 2005
HI, two hosts want a christmas type show in Dec. Does anyone have any ideas, suggetstions, advice on recipes, games, invitations etc. for this kind of show? New and am just starting, so I have no ideas yet. :confused:

thanks :D


Oct 26, 2005
I have a really good success rate at 2 types of shows this time of year:

1) Cookie Swap - I set up a few stations and the guest and host actually make the cookies with our tools! Then they each get to take some home with them in a very inexpensive gift box which I buy at the dollar store. My sales tend to be anywhere from $500-$800 from this type of show.

2) Holiday gift ideas - The food is prepared ahead of time and I have actually printed out gift ideas and put packages together for everyone to see. I set up a section called "Great Stocking Stuffers" with gifts that are usually $10 and under. A lot of my sales come from the stocking stuffers and the Batter bowl mixes that PC did for us a couple of years ago! HUGE success with the batter bowl mixes for me! I usually sale 9 or more batter bowls, scrapers & mini serving spatulas with this idea at these shows. :D My sales tend to be around $600-$900 at these shows but I have had a couple of $1000 shows too.

Hope this helps & good luck! :)

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