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Need Chocolate Martini Recipe

Apr 7, 2005
I am doing a "Death By Chocolate" theme this Saturday and I was wondering if anyone had a chocolate martini recipe for the Quik Stir Pitcher? :confused:

I appreciate all your help!!!!

Michele Lashuk
Independent Sales Director
Mar 29, 2006
Chocolate Mint Martini

I haven't tried this yet but it sounds wonderful. Please let me know what it's like as I am have a Death By Chocolate show June 1st.


Chocolate Mintini


325 mL (11 oz.) chocolate liqueur
150 mL (5 oz.) vodka
60 mL (2 oz.) peppermint liqueur
sprigs of mint for garnishing
small chocolates for garnishing


1. Pour alcohol using Mini Measuring Cup into Quick Stir Pitcher. Add ice and securely place lid on top. Stir vigorously to mix and chill alcohol.
2. Pour into martini glasses.
3. Garnish each glass with a small sprig of mint and a chocolate.

Makes 4 martinis.

Apr 7, 2005
Thank you!

I am going to double it, since I will be making it in the Family size pitcher. I will let you know how it comes out!

Thanks!!!!!:D :D :D


Jul 21, 2005
I made Choc Martinis a week or so ago - I got the recipe from my director, so they must work in the QSP - although I did them in my shaker as I was not making as many - it's really cool, because they are clear :) You use equal parts Stoli Vanil and clear Creme de Cacao - mix with ice, and then strain into glass - drop a hug or kiss into the bottom. If you'd like, you can get creative with how you rim the glasses - hot cocoa mix (I used white cocoa mix) and one idea that I liked was to rim the glasses with melted choc or that "magic shell" ahead of time - let harden before the party, and then sip away :)

Good Luck! Everyone raved about these, and were so surprised that they were clear !



Advanced Member
Jan 27, 2005
I used the same recipe that Laurel posted and they're really tasty!
I used the microplane grater to grate some dark chocolate and I rimmed the glasses with that.