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Need Beer Bread info/recipes


Novice Member
Jan 27, 2006
Does anyone have a "to die for" dip or other suggestion to make with the beer bread. In my area there are quite a few consultants from another company (TS) that serves their bread. Would like to capture some of this market by serving our Beer Bread as an additional "try me" recipe. I am not a fan of any Beer Bread, but would like to showcase ours. TIA


Advanced Member
Jan 27, 2005
Add some Italian Seasoning and pressed garlic to the dough while mixing it and sprinkle some seasoning and more pressed garlic on the top of the loaf before baking it.
Serve it on the Large SA platter with the rectangular platter diagonally across it. Put three of the little dishes from the oil dipping set on the rectangular platter.
I use olive oil, italian seasoning and pressed garlic in one, olive oil and balsamic vinegar in one, and the basil blend canola oil in the last one.
This always gets rave reviews!