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Need Answer Quickly

Sep 6, 2005
I have a guest from a Feb. 27th show - that hasn't closed yet - who wants to order 25 cake testers (she wants to give them out as part of a gift basket for each of her employees.) Are these still available for a February show even though they aren't for March ones?

Also, is this amount the kind of amount they mean when they say call HO for large #s of items? I called HO, but they had me do the call back thing and I won't be hearing from them for over 2 hours. She may also order the small serving spatula as well but I know that they are still available. I'm just worried that I'll tell her she can order the testers and then HO will tell me they are gone.


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Oct 11, 2005
I would just enter them in your show. I'm sure they have alloted enough stock. I think as far as the large amounts go, its probably large quanities, something ordering like by the gross.


Sep 27, 2005
I believe that in our binder it talks about large quantities and asks you to call for anything over 50. I know I read it someplace
Jan 14, 2006
There was a message in weekly bites not too long ago about the cake testers being back-ordered. It may be worth a phone call before you submit the show.