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Need a tote bag

May 28, 2005
I'm hoping someone out there has an extra tote bag that displays the catalog. I understand that there are a couple of designs floating around out there, either one would work for me. I would really love one and would be willing to pay for it! :)


Check out AIM. They are having a great sale on all kinds of things right now!


AIM is one of our licensed vendors. You can get great PC t-shirts and other things from them. Their website is www.aim-image.com. You will need your consultant number to sign in.
May 28, 2005
Not the AIM Type!

Actually I have looked at AIM and they do not have what I need. I already have a logo bag, I am looking for the tote bags that were given out at last year's conference (before my time as a consultant) that have a clear pocket on the front to display the latest catalog. The only other place I have found them is at a wholesaler who wants a 450 piece minimum purchase! I'm hoping someone out there has an extra, or has not found theirs useful.



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Feb 3, 2005
I bought an AWESOME bag from a company called www.getorganizedco.com

I bought this tote and love it for catalogs, paperwork, etc. It is too big for an everyday bag, but works perfectly for all my paperwork.

I have the tote we earned and love that too. I also have the tote from conference and use that for my purse.

Anyway, here is the description for the tote. Here is the direct link. http://www.getorganizedco.com/scrapbooking/enter.html

Scrapbooking Tote
$ 19.95
Click Here
Click Here

Reg. $24.95 Save $5.00 - Sale ends 04/17/05

New Tote just for our Scrapbooking Friends
Sized for your 12 x 12 Album Pages
What a dramatic display they make!

Picture this... one of your creative album pages displayed on the front to tote and a second one displayed on the back.

Plus roomy divided interior to carry at least 4 filled full size albums. The 5" x 7", 8" x 11", 12" x 12" and 12" x 15".

Additional 2 zippered interior pockets perfect for brochures and company information.

Size 13 "x 16" x 10" heavy weight black satin nylon material.

Best of all are the 2 clear exterior windows to display assembled 12" x 12" album page.

Show off your creativity and invite conversations and bookings! The design you have been waiting for!


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May 6, 2005
FYI-come to conference and you'll likely get a tote bag there!! That seems to be the case every year. Not only will you get a tote bag, but TONS of valuable information and a CRAZY amount of energy you can't even imagine. If you're able to go, it's sooo worth it.
May 28, 2005
Found it

Thanks for all of your help. Since conference is out for me, I found one on ebay that will do the trick. Thanks again!
Oct 4, 2005
I got a bag at Wal-mart in the spring. It was about $8 it was clear color with a bag on the inside. It was an actual purse. I would just put catalogs on either side of the bag and it looked like a Pampered Chef Bag. It worked great. Of course since it is winter now you won't find it there, but look this Spring if you need on then. Also I have seen some similar things in a few store in the mall and with different seasons, so take a look at bags in all the stores. :)


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Jun 20, 2005
There is a tote bag on the supply and paperwork order form for $15. It is supposed to have a clear pocket to display the catalog. The one's from ebay say Mary Kay!
Apr 27, 2005
tote bag

You will be able to find the tote bag that you are looking for on the paperwork supply order form. It costs $15 & it has a zipper to close the top & says pampered chef. I have to say it has been a great investment. I now have people approaching me & asking me about PC. I recommend it for everyone! :)


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Oct 11, 2005
Sorry I'm coming into this late

You can order the tote bag from the catalog and supply form.