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Need A Response

Stephanie S

May 13, 2005
Hello All, a recruit lead which has been sitting in the wings since late June just sent me this e-mail today. I know there is a great response that I can offer up - looking for your expert suggestions before responding. Here's the e-mail:

Hello Stephanie

I am sorry I haven’t got back to you. I have been extremely busy. We move into the house on September 30th and I am hoping by the end of October early November I can have a party. Unfortunately with Lawyers fees and closing cost I am unable to join up as a consultant at this time. Hopefully there will be another special in the future. Thanks for keeping in touch and I will talk to you soon.


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Feb 2, 2005
I would just congratulate her on her new home. Then tell her you will contact her again in late October. I would also tell her that anytime is a great time to start a Pampered Chef business, so whenever she is ready you will be waiting to help her. Then I would watch for upcoming recruiting specials and let her know. I would also remind her that when she has her show she can use part of her sales credit for the kit which will save her a lot of money.


Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005

Great advice Shawna. You don't want to force her into it. Just keep in touch with her. That's all you can do.


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Aug 24, 2005
I would try to remind her that when she has her party, she can use her free product value towards her kit. That really helped me make the choice...I agree not to pressure her, though. We all know that you don't want someone to sign up for you, you want her to sign up for HER!


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Jun 22, 2005
She can get that kit for as little as $50, then the first show she has she will make up the commission.
I signed up, at the time it was $100 to sign, I didn't do a show to get the kit cheaper.
I had my first show and made over $100 in commission on my FIRST SHOW! Then she will start earning free products with the Super Starter months!

Just help her book her first 4-6 shows... help her do a great job to start with and she will be MAKING MONEY after her first show!!
With your help she can get off to a great start!

I wouldn't pressure her, I would just run through some numbers with her to show her how easy it is to make money. She can name 6 good friends or relatives that would help her get started. And you give her an example of an average show and the commission she'd make... She'll see that that $50- $90 she spends for the kits will come back REAL fast, and then she'll be making money. Especially if she can have 2-3 shows her first month paycheck!
Good luck!