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Need a Favor Please!

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
I have a recruit lead who is very close to signing, but she has never been to a Kitchen Show! She never heard about PC until I met her when I was in California in the beginning of the month.

I am trying to get her to sign before the Feb 28th deadline so she can earn the skillet. She is off this coming Saturday (the 18th) and would like to attend a show.

She lives in California... I live in Wisconsin.

Is there anyone in the Glendora/Claremont/Upland area doing a show this Saturday that would be willing to let one of my recruit leads attend? She would definitely be signing under me... I am just looking for someone that is willing to have an extra guest observing their show.

Please respond as soon as possible. You may e-mail me directly as well at [email protected].

Thank you!


Veteran Member
Silver Member
Jun 14, 2005
You might want to call HO and ask for a consultant in that area. I'm not sure if they can actully give you a hospitality director yet or not since she is not actually signed. I would love to help you, but I am practically at the other end of the state.