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Pampered Chef: Need a Dallas area consultant please

  1. keri


    Hello! I am not a consultant but I am trying to locate one in the dallas area! Please Private message me if you are in this area.

    I was at the PC site and filled out a form but it gave me an error when I went to submit it, it said that portion of their site wasn't working correctly.


    edited to say: I looked in the Consultant directory here at this site but I'm not totally familiar with the surrounding suburbs and thought it might be easier just to post this.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2005
    Dec 30, 2005
  2. Consultant in Dallas/Fort Worth

    Hi Keri,

    I am a consultant in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. I live in Fort Worth, right off of I30... Isn't this a great website? How can I help you?

    Becky Stephan
    Fort Worth, TX
    [email protected]
    Dec 31, 2005
  3. Admin Greg

    Admin Greg Senior Member Staff Member

    Dec 31, 2005
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