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Name Tags

Stephanie S

May 13, 2005
Just curious, how many of you use name tags at your shows? I have a terrible time remembering names, but I feel bad asking people to wear name tags because I know how much people don't like them. I'm torn....

What do you do?


Legacy Member
May 24, 2005
I dont do name tags because the first few times i asked the guests to wear name tags they all balked about it and did not put them on so i dont worry about it.


Veteran Member
Jan 13, 2006
Nametags are GREAT!

I use nametags I made with the PC logo on them. That way, when I talk about the business opportunity, EVERYONE there is a consultant...they all have on a PC namebage!


Advanced Member
Jan 27, 2005
I don't use them. I find so many people don't like them - so I don't want to alienate them before I even start.

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
I always have people use them. I've never had anyone that didn't want t put them on. I normally use them as a game. I have my hosts put star stickers on any of the guest's name tags when they participate during the demo. The person with the most stars wins a prize.


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006
Name Tags!

I use name tags and also turn it into a game. I make my own name tags and I put a certain product on each tag. I cut out pictures from old catalogs of products that correspond to the ones on the tags and put them in a box. I let them know that I will be drawing a picture and whoever has it on their name tag wins a prize. During the demo sometimes. Sometimes after, sometimes before.
My director says she has them write their name and fav. product. So there could be a suzie food chopper and betty food chopper. She mentions how they are sisters now. She asks them why they like their products so much and really interacts with them. This way people can get to know strangers easily. She gets to talk about products with the help of the guests.


I do the name tag with favorite product thing too.

I tell them, please take a name tag and write your first name on it and under it as your last name, put down your favorite product for example my name is Lillian and my favorite product is the food chopper so my name is Lillian Food Chopper. :)

Then I have them introduce themselves and tell me, why do they love the product on there name tag so much.

It's a great way to get them to sell the product for me. :D

A new one I'm trying is the same concept but this time they put as there last name the name of the product they will like to own that they can't afford to buy right now so if Susan wants to eventually own the Double Burner Griddle her name will be Susan Double Burner Griddle.

Then I offer them to do a show so they can get the product they want free.


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
I like that one about using the last name as a product they want. I don't use name tags, but this would be a fun way to try it out for a couple shows. It's not that I'm good at remembering names either, I just haven't tried using them. At our last cluster meeting right after the new products were announced at Leaderhip, we did this fun game where when people arrived, a name tag with one of the new products was written on it was placed on their back. This can be done with any product (maybe the easier ones) for guests at shows too as they arrive. Then they'd have to ask others yes or no questions about their product to try to narrow it down and eventually guess what they are. Their names can be written on it as well, so when they guess or when it's time to start the show, they can remove the name tag from their back and put it on the front. Then there can be a prize for the first one or two people who guessed their product. I'm making it sound confusing, but you probably know what I mean. It would be a way to have the guests mingle too! :)