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Name Tags


Legacy Member
May 24, 2005
I dont use name tags i should so i can remember the guests names but i went to a show and the people did not want one and since then i havent


I do

I'm terrible at names, so it helps with that. But also because I write what their favorite PC product is on the name tag. That way I get conversation going not only with me, but among others. Additionally, if there is a lull in the show, I can always say....So Susie I understand your favorite PC product is the quick stir picture, can you tell us why. Sometimes guests will connect with others better than with me, and I use the name tags as a way to help me remember products and increase my sales.


Novice Member
Sep 18, 2005
I use name tags at all my shows because I have the worst short term memory. :( Many of my hostess' have asked me to use them because most of their guests were meeting for the first time.