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Mystery Host


Novice Member
Jan 23, 2005
Does anyone have a flyer for doing a mystery host show??
Mar 9, 2005
Drawing for products

What products does everyone give away at mystery host parties? I was thinking of giving away a few items before the big prize of being the host but am not sure what to give. Please help!
Mar 23, 2005
I give away the parring knife or citrus peeler, season's best, occassionally free shipping (for instance, if they are the first to call, they get a bigger prize). I also give discounts depending on when they place an order. And of course, everyone's a winner with a Free Kitchen Show!

janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
free shipping

How do you subtract the shipping and handling on pampered partner from an order if you're doing free shipping?


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Jan 21, 2005
How to give free shipping

You just enter the shipping cost as a "Consultant gift" under payment options in the guest order screen.
Mar 16, 2005
Guest incentatives and rewards...

I'm a new consultant in St. Petersburg, FL...I want to be able to give the guest a 10% off if they are the winner of my "game" or whatnot...I read on here that you can give them free shipping and just put consultant gift. Can you do the same on a discount special to the guest? Will the system add that to my expenses or what? I'm confused...can you tell..

If anyone has any tips on overcoming the first time jitters...I can use the advise.... I was so nervous that I forgot most of the names to the products. Guess I need some cheat cheat sheets...



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Feb 3, 2005
Susan....congratulations on getting started! What an exciting time.

I understand you being nervous. We have all been there. I have been doing Pampered Chef for 1 1/2 years and I just forgot the name of a product at my show Saturday! I laughed it off and said, "See...anyone can do this job!" I make a comment like that whenever I make a mistake. Trust me...I make a mistake of some sort at EVERY SHOW!

If you feel like you might get nervous, use the script cards found in ..... SEE I forgot the name of the INFORMATION MANUAL that we all have!!! UGH! They really should screen for this job! At least screen for brain cells!

SLOW down when you talk. Most people have a tendency to talk faster when they are nervous. Make a fist and SQUEEZE when you feel really nervous. It will help relax you.

PRACTICE and talk to yourself or your family as you cook at home. Use the products. Have key products that will trigger you to say certain things.

Let the guests do most of the talking. You can say, "Does anyone have this ____? What do you like best about it?" Let them sell the products.

Have fun...remember this is fun. RELAX and just laugh when you make a mistake...we all do it.


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Mar 13, 2005
A Mystery Host show is just like any other show, but is normally held by you. Like have an Open House or a Catalog show, you collect all the orders, etc. Instead of you being the host, you are "raffling off" the chance for someone else to be the host, for example, for everyone that places an order, you put their name in a bowl, then select one person to receive all the free products, the discount, the half price items earned, the monthly host special and the 10% off for a year. So even tho you had the show, someone else gets the benefits. This is a great way to fill in a dead spot in your calendar, and the person that wins, didn't have to have a show in their home.

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
Mystery Host Show Invite

I have a great little postcard size invitation I made up for Mystery Host Shows - but it is in Publisher. If anyone would like a copy, please e-mail me. You must have Publisher to open this file - unfortunately Publisher files cannot be read by any other computer program (at least any I have found)

I will try to re-create it in Word. If I can - I will post it to the board.

Lisa Schulteis
Future Director
Consultant # 414493
[email protected]


Apr 2, 2005
Lisa I would LOVE to have a copy of your postcard invitation. I need to learna ll of the programs we have on our coputer and start making flyers and things. I have paint shop pro 9 and can barely make anything with it :eek: also have all of the offive programs that probably have only been opened a few times, including publisher. Thanks for sharing.


[email protected]


Mystery Host Invite

Here is an invite for a Mystery Host show. (I am not the original author of this)



  • Mystery Host INVITE.doc
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