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Mystery Host....

May 31, 2005
Good morning,
I'm finally going to have a show 6-24-05(my own but it's a start) so now that we are on just money value system, the sales I get from this show I'm going to give away to people who book I guess. (still not how to decide who gets them)any ideas to ?
So technically when I enter this show how do I carry over this amount of sales to the person's show.
As far as the show I'm not nervous just excited but just nervous about paper work and new stuff since I've been out for awile.
Help ! Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks and have a blessed day-
PS anyone in the Valencia, California area?


Jun 18, 2005
I'm doing Mystery Host at my first party too, since I'm having it at my house. What I am going to do is put all the names of everyone who orders in a hat, and then give them my host benefits on that order. So everyone will want to order and order enough to get good host benefits, in hopes of winning the drawing.

Hope this helps!


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Feb 2, 2005
You can't carry over the sales to someone else's show. You can put them in as host and give them the benefits, but once you turn in the show that is the end of that show. Now, if they are holding their show in the same month...or if nobody purchases the monthly special and the next show is not too far away, you could just add the sales to their show and submit it as one show. But don't wait too long because your guests want their stuff! I hope I haven't confused you. Maybe someone else can explain better.

As far as deciding who gets the benefits, you can put the names in a basket and draw one.



Apr 20, 2005
I would have people who book a show pick a free item within a certain price range. (You can decide the value amount) Use the free product value earned at your show to pay for the item. Then present the item to them at their own show. It will help assure that they will not cancel, and their guests can see your generosity, and hopefully, in turn, book their own show. ;)