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Mystery Host Stop n' Shop

Nov 21, 2005
I am a new consultant (have had the SS kit for 2 weeks and have done one kitchen show with another scheduled for this week), and I am planning to do a Mystery Host Stop n' Shop next Saturday. I have a couple of questions that I'm hoping you guys can help me with...

1) I only have my SS kit and because I am out of town (back home visiting family), I can't borrow anything from my recruiter or director. I am planning on having food, but I also wanted to have some gift displays set up for people to see and to get ideas. I know I can make the food ahead of time and have it in the small oval baker and on the stone, but what type of displays could I do with the other products in the SS kit? Should I make up a mix to put in the batter bowl or are those only for the small batter bowl? What would YOU do to make displays look nice?

2) Will this count as a kitchen show since there is food involved and it is in a home or do I need to do some type of a demo for it to count?

3) If I were to order some supplies today (cookie booklets, an EAD for myself and possibly an EAD to give away in the drawing), would they arrive before the Stop n' Shop or would that be too big of a risk?

Thank you for any advice! I have LOVED this site and have learned so much here!!


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Hi there!
Congrats on starting your PC business! It sounds like you're off to a good start. I think those gift mixes in the batter bowl really only work on the small batter bowl. Although you could double it for a really big batch just so people can see what it looks like. Since you have the starter kit, I would display that. Maybe spruce it up with some holiday-type decorations.

If you were going to order the EAD on a supply order (I don't know if you can order two??), they seem to ship out supply orders REALLY fast. I usually get mine a couple days later, although I live pretty close to the home office. I would think it's worth a shot and hopefully you'd get it by the end of next week.

And definitely count it as a kitchen show. YOu probably will end up doing some demos because you'll tell people how you made your recipe(s) and show them how to use some of the products you have out. Plus you're spending money on the ingredients to do the recipes anyway.

Good luck with it! ANd welcome to the PC family! :)