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Mystery host show

Nov 3, 2005
I was wondering what a mystery host show is. My first superstarter month is December and I am looking for more bookings. Right now I have 2. This is also the month to earn new spring products so I would like to get my sales way up. I am also doing a craft fair on the 10th. So I am hoping for some sales and booking off of that.

Sep 20, 2005
When you host your own show/open house, most do a drawing where if you spend X dollars, you get entered in the drawing and at the end of the night, you choose a name from that drawing and that person gets all of the hostess benefits. Hope that makes sense, good luck!


Silver Member
Nov 15, 2005
so if you are the actual host and the pampered chef consultant does that mean you still get the free stuff (dependant on sales).

I'm doing a male only party, and it's for Christmas pressies for their wives, but that would be an awesome way to do it...have a draw for free stuff and then I think we'll have more people commit to coming!

Pampered Sofia

Novice Member
Oct 18, 2005
Consultant as host

If you are the consultant (receiving commission from the sales) you cannot be the host (receive free products). You have to be one or the other. That's why the mystery host works so well. You can be the consultant and award all the host benefits to some poor unsuspecting recipeient :D People love that! They do none of the work but receive the benefits!


Novice Member
Oct 30, 2005
Consultant as the host

You can be the Consultant and host your own show AND get all of the rewards for hosting a show. That is how I was able to build my kit when I first started over a year ago and that is what I have had some of my recruits do this year. :D

So it's up to you, you can host the show and give away the rewards, or you can use them to help build your own kit. :D