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My "Why"

Aug 10, 2017
Good morning fellow PCers. My name is Joanie Carey. I've been with PC just under a year. I joined to help with a greater purpose. I want to be able to not only help my family get out of debt but to also be able to help other families with expenses due to medical conditions. Our daughter passed on almost 2 years ago from complications from a heart transplant. During that period of time, we were living in a nightmare with doctors, daily complications, trying to pay bills, etc...If we wouldn't have had others generosity help us, I don't know how we would have gotten thru it. Eventually I would like to be a part of "Adopt A Room" at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital. It's around $150k per room but it makes the stays at the hospital that much more comfortable. That's my plan. Hasn't happened yet but that's my ultimate goal.