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My SS1 month starts in March, and I am terribly nervous about it. I


Feb 23, 2006
My SS1 month starts in March, and I am terribly nervous about it. I don't have the support of my parents or my fiance's parents and I moved to this area in June of last year, so I really don't know anybody. I am starting to think that I really put myself in a terrible position.

I have posted a few flyers at the bank, the grocery store, and laundrymat around my house, but I am trying to brainstorm some other ideas. I was wondering if anyone else had ever experienced these sorts of conditions and what you did to overcome it?

I wanted to hold an open-house of sorts, but my apartment complex won't allow it, so that idea kinda went down the toilet.

I am really motivated towards earning those products in my first three months, but I was just wondering what approaches that you all have used in the past to become successful?


Feb 6, 2006
.....ohmmmmm.....(meditation hum)....

Relax and get rid of the negativity.

Don't write off your family because of their own insecurities (or whatever)...hopefully they'll come around.

What do you do during the day? Do you have another job? Do you take care of children...home...etc?

Hand out your catalogs to your neighbors and introduce yourself (especially if you are new in the area). Better yet, invite them to an open house after you get your kit...make some wonderful recipes and have your products and catalogs out and do a couple demos with the food chopper and the measure all cup.

Talk about the opportunity with anyone who you talk with (including the check out people at Wal-Mart).

Don't fret...bring the positive to you...take it one minute at a time...

Relax and enjoy your new opportunity. Talk with your recruiter/director; don't be afraid to ask for help and friendship. Tell them you feel alone, if you do. If they are any good, they'll offer solutions.

Remember be positive...ohmmmm...bring out your inner Martha Stewart...ohmmm....be one with the stone.....

And don't forget about us. We are here for and with you, too!
Feb 4, 2006
Some things to try...

Well, 2 of the people I know best are also in the business. On top of that, we hang out with the same people! So it can be tough.

A few places to consider.

Look over on the Fundraiser board and learn about some of the options for Relay for Life fundraisers, school fundraisers, etc.

Talk to EVERYONE: hair dresser, grocery clerk, dog groomer, parents of kids you know, etc.

BE HONEST. Tell them that you just started this and would appreciate if they would just help you out.

College groups, old friends, former bosses, etc may work well.

Are you part of a church, mom's group, sports team or gym? Are your kids in sports, scouts, etc?

Look through the notices in your area. We have a new pet neutering center, the children's home, etc to consider. My daughter wants to go to a certain college and there is a group of moms with kids in that college I plan to contact soon.

Can hubby take information to work?

Does your newspaper do info on engagements? Maybe your niche can be the Wedding Registry?

Oh, one way for your apt complex might be if your complex forms a Relay for Life team.

How long have you been online? You might try catalog shows with online buddies. Its probably not the best idea, but its something while you work on others.

HTHs a little :)


Feb 23, 2006
Thank you both so much for ideas! I have been thinking about starting off with Fundraising and such. I know my college is having the Relay for Life at the school, so I contacted the person who is running it in our area that maybe can point me in the right direction with what to do.

I also am thinking about contacting the Church which is a few minutes from my house and seeing about hall rental and then if it would be possible to invite the Church members to the "open house" of sorts.

Granted, I am working with limited supplies (my starter kit and the mini-loaf pan and a rectange stone), but I think that would be awesome to get the community together like that and see what I can do.

My daughter is 16 months old, so she really doesn't have much to offer me people wise, :) . And my boyfriend is on disability so I am trying to work with that.

I printed out a list though of the Churches and school in my area and I was thinking about contacting the person in charge of fundraising and creating a "fundraiser packet" to show off. Any ideas on what should go in that though?

I also was selling a few things on the classifieds in my area, and my email tagline is that I am a PC consultant and the woman who was buying something from me loves PC but doesn't know anyone who sells it. So, I am going to follow up with her in a few days (giving her time to look over the new catalog and whatnot).

I love the brainstorming though. The person who I joined under really hasn't been that much of a help to me though. She pretty much does a lot of online shows and I have done a training conference with my director and the other person.

I also think that once the weather gets a lot nicer as well, it will be a bit easier to get with people and network, but until then, I am trying to go through this and keeping up the positive attitude!


Dec 19, 2005
Fundraising flyer

Here is a fundraising flyer that you can modify with your info to put in your packet:


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Dec 19, 2005
You're welcome. I can't take credit for making it up, I think I got it from this site, but I'm glad to be able to pass it along.