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My party outline


Aug 9, 2005
Good morning everyone
I don't know if this is the write section of the forum to paste this but...

I'm in my second month as a consultant and i'm still pretty raw when it comes to what to say at my shows.
At my last show I had one card with the recipe and then I had copied and cut out the 1/2 sheet product info snipits from the R4S binder. I found myself losing track of the recipe and what peie i was talking about.
so last night i typed this out,.
it went thru my steps for preparing the Decadent Chocolate Dessert Pizza and what the bullet points of where of the produts I will be using.

I was always on of those kids at school who rewrote their notes (so they were legible) and so i could remember it. Figure it would work the same here.

In case anyone could use it - I'm attaching it.

I figure for my next recipe I can cut and paste all the product info!

Have a great day!
Sonia J


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Novice Member
Sep 18, 2005
Great Job!!

Sonia your outline is wonderful and welcome to the Pampered Chef Family. :) Thank you for sharing it with all of us.


Sep 5, 2005
Great outline!

I do the same thing. I hate the little note cards so I write out my presentation on letter size and put it into page protectors so if I spill during the show I can just wipe it off. My standard outline is about 4 pages long, and that doesn't include the recipes. Before each show I'll adjust the outline to be specific to that show, ie. showcasing stoneware, simple additions, baking, etc.

Here is a basic rundown - welcome the guests and host, highlight the host benefits (booking reminder #1), intro guests using a game, hand out little gifts for those who brought a friend, tell my Pampered Chef story, hand out and briefly explain catalog, sale receipt/wish list, Round Up From the Heart Campaign, payment options, items starred on wish list (in Super Starter Kit) and numbers in circles (guarantee years), ending off with keeping your receipt in a safe place in case of replacements.

Then the first/main recipe. I have the recipe on a seperate sheet and write notes all over it about the products I'm using. Of course, I'll sprinkle this with atleast 1 booking and opportunity reminder, although it may be subtle).

When the first dish goes into the oven I have time for the next part. Handing out my scrapbook with specials, business opportunity info, recipes, press, etc. I have the chance to go over the host and guest specials (booking reminder #2), joining the business/any recruiting promos (opportunity reminder #2), then recipe #2.

Recipe #2 is usually something smaller that can partially made ahead of time - a cake that needs to be decorated, a dip for veggies or fruit, etc.

Usually there is still some time while recipe #1 is in the oven so I highlight a collection - right now stoneware. I'll tie this in to an upcoming host special and booking reminder (#3).

Then the closer - thanking everyone, asking them to fill out survey slips, where I'll be for their orders, and a quick reminder on buying, hosting (noting that my Host will be able to get hostess special at their show- booking reminder #4), and selling PC (opportunity reminder #3).

Last thing I draw any door prizes, and then "Let's Eat!"

Of course, I do another booking and opportunity reminder when take the order.

It seems to have worked so far with the few kitchen shows that I have done. As long as I am prepared before the show I usually can handle blips during the show.

Whew ! Sorry for the long post. Sonja, I hope your shows go well.