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My first show is over....

Dec 22, 2005
Just had my first show... needless to say I am disappointed. Total sales were $100 and I am encouraging the host to find $50 more dollars otherwise she won't get the host benefits.

Nothing really went wrong. I mean, I forgot some cross sells but I was knowledgeable about the products and even encouraged some booking and recruiting at least twice during the presentation. The problem I think was the fact that kids were there and a baby -- who everyone wanted to hold. there were 6 adults there and all but one placed an order. I dunno... I got supportive feedback on the drawing slips. The daughter of the host is turning in a catalog show in two days and hers so far is about $150, although she has more orders.

The show was for my future mother in law and I went two states over and up to OH to have it. I was worried, scared, etc. I thought I would at least have a $200-300 show. I am beyond devastated. I don't think I'm cut out for this. My first catalog show turned out to be $600 total sales but $400 was commissionable... i made it into a kitchen show b/c the host made her goal of $400 in orders.

I really, REALLY don't believe I messed up anything.... the people at the party just wanted to converse.. not pay attention to me, I only grasped one or two of their attention, most just played with the baby or tried to talk over me. It was really annoying. :mad: I encouraged the host that it was a great show. She is trying so hard to make it for me. I truly love my future mom-in-law.

The only really good thing is I have a lead for both a recruit and booking. She showed interest in booking in July when I came back up and she also expressed interest in becoming a chef but told me she didn't have the time. I tried to overcome objections but we were interrupted by her kids so when I do my call backs, I will talk to her more.

Any suggestions...im truly upset and am not sure how I will do another Cooking show....uh, I just am exhausted...i was soo nervous, excited and hopeful and now i just feel as though I fail. :( I really just don't know... :confused:


Dec 14, 2005
Try not to be discouraged. It was your first time! I'm only in my 3rd month and I'm getting so much more comfortable now. Don't give up! Keep reading this board and listen to some of the tele classes.


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Jan 12, 2006
Don't give up, I'm very new and only had 3 shows so far, on my first show I only had 2 people that showed up and they both ordered, i had to do a little encouraging to get them to help the host out to get that 150.00 level, but they were glad to help out.

My second show as for my mom, there were kids there and a baby also, but they all paid attention and her show was 265.00 and I got 2 bookings.

My third show there were 2 kids and these were all Fillipino people at the party except me, and they were talking while I was doing my demo, but that didn't discourage me, i went right on through my demo like I would a regular cooking show, this host had sales up to almost 300.00 and will be hosting another show for me in a few weeks because a lot of the people who were invited couldn't attend as they had church and some had to have some house repairs done and Saturday was the only day they could do it.

Even though when I started I had heard about Pampered Chef, but didn't think I could do as well as I am in my area, but I found out when my Director signed me up that I was the only PC Consultant in my area, and she has personally had 10-25 shows per year in my area.

In any business it is easy to get discouraged, but don't give up, you just have to have a positive attitude about your business and have fun with it.

Also if my host is 10-15 away from the next sales level I always offer to help out and add in that 10 or 15 just so they can get that next sales level and earn more free products and they really appreciate it.


Come on, Tazzy, don't let one bad show blow you out of the water!

We often make mistakes when we are learning. Or maybe you didn't make any mistakes at all, but the situation was bad. I had a party a week ago with hardly any sales and there were 6 people there too. The house was in chaos, with 8 kids running around screaming and I was just doing my best to hang on. BUT, I got a couple of bookings out of it and managed to coach the host up past $200 with some outside orders. AND she bought a family skillet. So my advice is to coach your future MIL to get a couple more outside orders and try to get it to at least a party. Then let it go...LOL!

I have had some great parties and some duds. I always make mistakes and always find ways of improving. After every show I try and think of things I could have done better and congratulate myself on my effort. And I consider utter failures to be great learning experiences. Finally, since I am new, I try to view each show as an opportunity to improve my 'performance'... so even if it is less than successful, I am grateful for the experience. I don't have enough time under my belt to feel like anything is a waste of time!

Hang in there! Your next one is bound to be better, right?



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Jul 23, 2005
the first show is always the hardest because of one main thing: we all try to hard to make it perfect!!! my first show i had 2 guests show up and had 5 kids running through the house. my host did good and had several outside orders before the show but the total from the show was only 87 dollars and no bookings. when i combined the show outside orders and then the orders after the show she ended up with almost 300 dollars!! i was disappointed because i didnt get any bookings and i was upset with my performance but since my first show i have gotton better with my presentation and comfort level. my theory is if i miss something oh well!!! if i dont cross sell an item so what? they are looking through the book and see it anyways!! it will be alright...get another cooking show and just try to make it better than the first!!


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Jun 22, 2005
YOU didn't mess up...
That is what you must understand, This type of business, you give your all, that's all you can do, and the rest is up to someone else... the host -to get lots of people there and get outside orders... and the guests - to listen, control the children,or not bring them, and to order what they want or book a show!!

I am really surprised that people would act like that, especially knowing you are new to this! and that you drove so far!!
But it happens, probably the next cooking show you do, it will be much better! But there will be those frustrating shows, where you feel no one is listening - perhaps they are familiar with PC- who knows.

Several of my shows, have had very little AT the actual show, but the host collects TONS of outside orders!

Flick that little demon off your shoulder, know that it IS NOT YOU!!! and go to the next show just as excited as before !! Eventually it will prove to you that you and anyone! can do this job!

Also, if you are having a hard time getting people's attention, you can:
*talk real quiet - they'll have to hush to hear you...
*ask them to share - just like in kindergarten - they could be talking about their favorite product!
*bang on the food chopper!!

But always talk!! If you give them a minute to talk, they will...you have to be the one constantly talking!

Hope this helps! And good luck!


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Feb 17, 2006
You can do this...we all have had a bad show or two or three or....you get the point;) , bad shows just happen sometimes through no fault of your own. But, you did your first show, and like I always say...you will never have another first show. It's done, now you can look forward and find other ways to improve on it. Soon you will find recipes that you could do in your sleep and you will have a "show routine" down and you will look back on this show and chuckle.

I two have had a show where there was complete chaos! There were 20 guests...I was thinking it was going to be a great show, especially when all of them were actually showing up. Then people started showing up with babies, there were 6 babies total and 30 adults. Six of the adults were putting a deck on the back of the house and the recipe I was doing needed audience interaction, well no one was paying attentions because it was a freaking family reunion and no one had seen any of the new babies (all of them were under 10 months)! I was more than upset, the show ended up only being $800, my average order is $60 and it should have been well over $1500 for the show. But, live and learn or "cook and learn". It is this reason that I don't do shows with kids or overly large crowds, I can't control it.


Feb 1, 2006
This happened to me recently as well. There was a lady there with her new baby that was up visiting for the week. Everyone was so busy catching up that I was having a hard time. I teach third grade so I used some of my teacher tricks but I was still really frustrated. I think this just happens sometimes.


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Sep 7, 2005
hang in there!

With time it will get easier I swear! I was very public shy before I started doing this( I almost didn't sign because of that factor) and my first month was rough( I was completely nerve racked) ! But after doing it for 4 months now it is fun and easy! You will have awesome shows, mediocre shows and you will have duds. I have had two duds (barely qualifying) in the past month. IT happens! Just Keep host coaching, Keep a good attitude and do your best and things will go okay!

Good luck!:)
Dec 22, 2005
A those words of enouragement...

Thanks you guys: I really needed those words of encouragement. I got positive feedback from all at the show. Yeah I think everyone just wanted to get together for a reunion of sorts. The tough thing is now my fiance is like "I told you that this was a waste." He wants me to get my 4 shows /$1250 in and then leave PC. That lack of support is what hurts. He thinks I can do good in sales but as much as I tell him this is not a pyramid scheme... he thinks it is. My fiance has a MBA so he knows best when it comes to sales.

Thank you all for the words of encouragement. I suppose we all want our business to go perfect and when it doesnt , we feel bad... I just need to learn and move onwards. Hopefully the next show @ the end of the month goes better... its with my sister and her friends &their moms (shes a high school senior going to college --Dorm Room Survival).

I think I'll try to sign up for a SS tele class this week , if one fits into my schedule. I think the biggest failure with this was my inability to host coach because the host was away for a month on vacation to FL. One day I do hope to look back and chuckle... I did have an outline from the Recipe for Success and I did the Caprese Mini Sandwiches which everyone said was great! So at least that was positive :) After a good night's sleep and reading comments I do feel more optimistic about this ! thans you guys :D

Kelley Sells

Feb 2, 2006
Pull up those Boot Straps....;O)

Tazzy, don't you give up on us now.....:eek:
It was ONE show, that is all, it wasn't you, it sounds like it was a comfortable atmosphere, family and all? Pish Posh, keep going....always have FUN with it, if they aren't listening, get goofy as can be....THAT will get them to stop....LOL...do what your teachers would do in class....make a statement and single someone one and ask them "did you know that Cathy?"....:D THAT usually gets them.....my director told me from the get go....keep them involved, ask them questions, give them a cooking tip and then ask someone if they ever heard that....it's kind of cool, but it keeps their attention.

No way girlfriend, you put that apron back on and get back in the kitchen:rolleyes: hmmmm didn't women vote to get OUT of the kitchen....LOL...THEY didn't have PAMPERED CHEF....:p

Much Success to you Tazzy!