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MY FIRST $1000 show!


Aug 20, 2005
I'm so excited, my show tonight ended with commissionable sales at $1072! My host had 17 people attend, she had $600 in outside orders! She really worked her butt off. And she is interested in the opportunity; after her baby is due in Nov.. (I couldnt talk her into signing now, but I'm pretty sure she will after the baby).
I wish that all show's were this profitable..but at least I have an example for future hosts to strive for.
And with this great show, I've already earned SS2 and my 2nd piece of show to go! And I dont need that much more to get the 3rd piece!

Loving PC in NC... :)


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Mar 29, 2005

Congratulations! It's awesome to have such a high show! Just don't get your hopes up on the next show when/if it's not that high. I have to keep reminding myself of that. I just had a show with sales of $1467 and another that's up to $1100. Well, I did a show yesterday (only had 4 people there) and had sales of $269. It's hard to not get discouraged but those little shows will help you reach your goal too! :)


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Oct 11, 2005
I don't know what's been going on, but I have had a few clunker shows, too. It all adds up though. Somehow by the end of the month, I always do well! Or at leats well in my eyes!!