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Must-have kit items


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Sep 9, 2010
My oldest brother is a foodie and a Catholic Priest. He is finding himself increasingly doing charity dinners where he is hampered by unfamiliar kitchens and sub-par utensils. He saw my "kit" last summer when I brought it to the cabin we stayed at for a few days.

Normally, when I visit my siblings, I help in their kitchens which are decently stocked. I don't bother to bring my kit because while I may not have all the same tools at my disposal, what they do have is decent and gets the job done. Because we were going to a cabin, the situation was different. I packed up the tools I wanted to make sure I had access to because I was not sure what the cabin had.

He has asked me to create a kit for him that he can take with him when he cooks. This will be a months long project as I can't afford to buy everything for him and as a priest, he does not make a lot of money so we are doing this on the budget plan of a few tools a month. I asked him if he was looking at anything in particular, he said no just the basics.

So here I am, what should I put in it?

I have been selling PC for 4 years now and have many things that I will toss in for him because he's my big brother and I love him. I also have the older style rolling tote I will give him (it's a bit bigger and basically a big soft-sided box with wheels). He has decent cookware that he is willing to put in himself.

Here's what I have so far for the contents::chef:
2 stainless serving spoons (retired, but I love mine)
stackable cooling rack
all-purpose spreader
2 i-Slices
8" Forged Chef's Knife
Forged Tomato Knife
the entire Classic Scraper Collection (no Mini Mix'N Scraper, but I do have 2 Classic ones [orange & pink])
Twixit! Clips
Apple Wedger
Bamboo Slotted Spoon set
Large Flexible Cutting mats
2011 RUFTH Trivet
metal cookie sheet
large metal baking pan
2-qt collapsible bowl

I am planning on adding:
the medium and large cutting boards
Can opener
vegetable peeler
chef's tongs
Batter Bowls
simple slicer
Bamboo Spoon set
Bamboo Spatula set
oven pads
5" forged utility knife
Forged Santoku (?)
Forged Paring knife
Forged Honing Tool
Microplane Graters with food holders
Pizza Cutter
easy read measuring cups
adjustable measuring spoons
prep bowls (?)
mini-serving spatula
Tool Turn about (and yes, I would buy him the carrier to go with it)
flexible funnels

I'm looking for thoughts. Am I missing something? Am I putting something in that's not really necessary? He studied in Rome and cooks mainly Italian. Mostly meals not so much desserts and such. I am avoiding stoneware because this will probably sit in his car and I don't want a lot of breakable stuff. Also, he is the type to put everything in the dishwasher.


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Sep 21, 2009
You've got a great list going! I am going to list some of my can't live without items. Lol

Mix n Chop
Rotary Grater
Garlic Press
Can Opener
Food Chopper
Kitchen Spritzer
Stainless Steel Scoop
Silicone Brush

Instead of adding forged cutlery what about some of the collor coated knives. I use mine all the time.
Sep 30, 2011
What a great idea!
Some of my additions are the first 3 on the list from mhc, especially if he's cooking Italian food. I also can't live without my:
Stainless Bowls (I use my 8qt a lot more than I ever thought, even though it's not avail)
Can Strainer (but would only if he uses small cans, not industrial size)
Drainer (would also work to strain industria size cans of veggies)
Veggie Wedger
Egg Slicer (I love it for mushrooms)

Hope this helps!



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Jun 19, 2008
What type of foods do they typical make for their charity dinner? I'd think through the prep, cooking, serving of those and see what he might need.

I'm thinking:

cutting boards/mats
Santoku Knife
Utility Knife
Kitchen Shears
MFP & mini Mix n Scraper
SS Mixing Bowls
Oven Mitts
Large Metal Pans
Prep Bowls (various sizes?)
Can opener
Mandoline (great to make homemade hash browns if they do breakfasts) or at least something to grate cheese, like the Adj. Coarse Grater (if they don't buy pre-shredded)


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Dec 2, 2005
Have you thought about hosting your own show, then using the free, half-price, & discounted items for his kit? Maybe you have done this already. :)


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Jun 1, 2007
I'm so happy I have most of these wonderful items in my own kitchen--makes me appreciate them more to see them spelled out. I don't remember seeing on the list--be sure to add some potholders or silicone gloves.


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Sep 9, 2010
Have you thought about hosting your own show, then using the free, half-price, & discounted items for his kit? Maybe you have done this already. :)

Yes, we will be doing that. This is going to be a several month project for us. I know who will be hosting parties for me for the next several months when I submit vendor show re-orders... He wants quality and will pay for it, but is also on a limited budget so he needs to space it out.

As far as knives, he's a knife snob like me. Only forged will do. He has a few knives already but wants to get the PC forged ones to do some head-to-to head comparisons. The one he really likes will stay in his kitchen and the lesser one will go in the kit. (I think his Chicago Cutlery will start traveling...) I will get him good deals and a lot of free stuff which is good because I can't think of much more in the catalog that I want or need. Concentrating on someone else's wish list will be good for me.

To my understanding, he is not doing a lot of "commercial" cooking. It's more small dinner parties (10-20 people) and such. He's running into what we as consultants often run into. Ever try to use your host's pots & pans? There's a lot of junk out there. We are so used to our stuff we forget what crap is out there. It's also nice to go into a strange kitchen and not have to search for things but just pull them out of your bag. You know what you have, how to use it, and the quality of what you're working with.
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