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Moving, YIKES..need ideas

Aug 25, 2005
HI all. I am going to be moving to a new job in December. I am going to try to start up my PC business in January again where I will be moving to. I am also going to try to pick one or two weekends to try to come back here to do shows if I can get 2 or 3 on the same weekend so that my customers here can still have shows. I have not found anyone that is interested in taking over this area. I was hoping that you all may have ideas as to letters or flyers or emails that I could send out to all my current customers lettting them know I will be moving but would like to continue to be their constultant. I do have the website, so they are able to use that, but not everyone has internet or wants to use it. I am not so worried about getting shows yet, as I will be working at the SRS office, and there are enough ladies there that surely I can get a couple bookings from them...especially if I provide the food!!! Thanks for all your help. W/O this site and the wonderful people here, I would be at a lost for ideas. I have a great director, dont get me wrong, but there are so many ideas from all of you that are wonderful!
Thanks again.


Sep 24, 2005
What about sending out flyer to your current customers advertising an incentive for them to book shows for a certain weekend. For example "Book a show the weekend of 1/28/2006, and recieve a free cookbook of your choice ,in additoin to all of our other host benefits when your show qualifys ($150-or your choice of a price point)" Ofcourse, you should stipulate that in order to recieve htis extra bonus, they must keep their original date.