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Motivating Catalogue Host

Jun 8, 2005
I have my first 2 catalogue shows going right now, and I'm not quite sure how to properly "coach" my hosts. I sense they are kind of uninspired about it (as if they're thinking "Oh, well, I'll sort of see if I can get any orders...")
On the one hand, I have already explained how the shows work and what they can recieve (the host rewards, the monthly host special), and I don't want to nag them ("Hey, have you got any orders yet??")
If anyone here normally does catalogue shows that are generally successful, I would love a few tips on how to inform, motivate and "coach" your hosts. What do you do?


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Jun 14, 2005
I recomend doing your host coaching just as if it were a kitchen show. I also think it is better to set a short time line for them to get orders, like 2 weeks. I have found that if you just leave it open than they really don't do much with it. You might want to try adding a little incentive to it as well, like an extra $5.00 off her order if she gets 10 orders. I just started offering an additional $10 off her order at any shows booked off the catalog show. I have also told hosts that I would give them an additional $15 if they submitted the show with at least $250 by the 15th of the month, then you just make it a kitchen show in PP and it doesn't cost you anything.


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Jul 31, 2005
I set them up on my website - offer to come over and add all their family and friends into the guest list part of the website. Then help them to brainstorm about who might like a catalog (remember NO ONE minds when asked "Do you want some fries with that?) - - I ask hair dressers, postal workers, receptionists at my dr's offices... I share stories about how happy people are to see my PC visor and the catalogs - - my message is not to hesitate. If you get a nice smile, ask! No one will mind if you ask!

Then I give them a stack of my business cards and tell them to keep in their purse.... if the want to ask someone to check out the website, give them a card with their name (the host) on the back - a mini invite to the website, Always keep a catalog in your card, and take one with you.
Jun 8, 2005
Extending deadline

What if your cat host gets to the deadline and doesn't have enough orders for a show? Do you extend it? How long or how often? (obviously you don't want this thing dragging out for a month!)
My only concern would be that if there were a few orders, the people who placed them might not be amenable to having to pay higher shipping for their orders to be done individually.
Man, this whole catalogue show seemed like a good idea at the time...I didn't realize it would get so complicated!! :rolleyes: