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Most suitable recipes for vendor event

PC Latoya

Novice Member
Oct 7, 2005
Can someone suggest some recipes that are quick and suitable for vendor events. I am not sure which vendors will be there but i dont think there is anyone with food. This is at a local YMCA so some light and fit recipes would be good. I am also thinking of incorporating valentines day into this some how. The event is tomorrow and i only got invited today!


Veteran Member
Jun 29, 2005
My director advised me to never give out food at these events. That way if someone gets sick from another vendor's food, they can't blame you. She advised me to make stuff and arrange it nicely on the SA, then cover it tightly with clear plastic wrap. That way it can be seen, but not touched or eaten. It seems like I posted that one time and someone else agreed, but it's been so long I don't really remember. Any one else have a comment about it?

Happy Mom

Aug 11, 2005
It would depend on your local and state laws. A quick call to the health department would answer your question. They are more than happy to educate the public.

In some states you need a vendor certificate and/or a food safety certificate, here it it not allowed at all because of the issue of maintaining proper temperatures. There is no control if someone becomes ill.

The suggestion to make a sample and cover it is a good idea. Then you could hand out recipe cards with your name and other pertinent information.


Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
At the Fall Bazaar I did, my director suggested setting up a tower of SA and filling it with fall candies in individual wrappings or in little baggies! I did just as she said and no one said anything about me not having food. BUT the church who did the bazaar sold food to help raise money!