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Morning Update, January 2, 2014


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Nov 4, 2005
In case you are new to these daily updates, let me just quickly tell you that our friend and fellow Cheffer, Paige Dixon Birgfeld, disappeared without a trace on June 28, 2007. You can follow the entire story in a thread called "One of Our Own Is Missing" at the top of this page. Human remains were found in Colorado on March 8, 2012. Two days later, dental records tentatively identified the remains as those of Paige. On March 28, DNA testing confirmed that Paige had been found. As of this date, all we know is that Paige's remains have been found, law enforcement is considering this case a homicide, and everything is in the hands of forensics experts. All we can do now is wait, because once again, we have nothing new to report.

In news of Candles for Paige we had 5 candles as of this post. Remember, candles go out after 48 hours so keep lighting candles for Paige, her family and her three children.

Instructions for lighting candles for Paige are in the Missing thread, in this post.

On this date in History...

...in 1860, at the French Academy of Sciences in Paris, France, the announcement was made that the planet Vulcan had been discovered. The tiny planet was reported to be inside the orbit of Mercury, causing the erratic orbit of Mercury around the sun. French mathematician Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier hypothesized the irregularities in Mercury's orbit were the result of another planet. Vulcan was never found. Einstein's Theory of General Relativity explained Mercury's peculiar orbit, and the search for Vulcan came to an end. At least, until 1966, when it became the home planet of Mr. Spock on NBC's Star Trek. Spock's Vulcan reportedly orbits 40 Eridani A.

...in 1788, Georgia became the first southern state to ratify the new US Constitution and doing so, became the fourth state.

...in 1776, the Continental Congress passed the Tory Act resolution to describe how the colonies should handle those who decided to remain loyal to the British crown. Toward the end of the war, the treatment of Tories were such that many fled to Canada, where their families remain today. In New Jersey, an Italian farmer trained his farm animals to sound the alarm when military types approached the farm. One night, everyone in the chicken coop went crazy, awakening the farmer, who cornered a loyalist in his barn. It was the first recorded case of chicken catch a Tory. Oh, stop complaining.

...in 1942, the US Navy established the Navy Airship Patrol 1 and Airship Squadron 12 in Lakehurst, New Jersey. The Navy was the only military service using lighter-than-air ships during World War II.


The Navy LTA Base in New Jersey.

...in 1832, the first curling club in the United States, the Orchard Lake Curling Club, opened near Detroit, Michigan. There is no truth to the rumor that, due the the high speed of this sport, that members are still waiting for the first Rock to reach the end of the sheet.


That's it. That's all we know as of 1:01 AM, EST.