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Morning Update, August 24, 2014


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Nov 4, 2005
In case you are new to these daily updates, let me just quickly tell you that our friend and fellow Cheffer, Paige Dixon Birgfeld, disappeared without a trace on June 28, 2007. You can follow the entire story in a thread called "One of Our Own Is Missing" at the top of this page. Human remains were found in Colorado on March 8, 2012. Two days later, dental records tentatively identified the remains as those of Paige. On March 28, DNA testing confirmed that Paige had been found. As of this date, all we know is that Paige's remains have been found, law enforcement is considering this case a homicide, and everything is in the hands of forensics experts. All we can do now is wait, because once again, we have nothing new to report.

In news of Candles for Paige we had 3 candles as of this post. Remember, candles go out after 48 hours so keep lighting candles for Paige, her family and her three children.

Instructions for lighting candles for Paige are in the Missing thread, in this post.

On this day in History...

...in 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted. The two days of eruption spewed uncountable amounts of ash and lava, completely engulfing the city of Pompeii and its sister city of Herculaneum. The cities were buried in 60 feet of ash, which settled over the cities and preserved everything, including the people who died in the disaster. The cities were lost for over 1700 years until their accidental discovery in 1748. While the site has been looted over the years, much of Pompeii and Herculaneum is well preserved and it is felt that other villages, inundated by the volcano, remain undiscovered.


While excavating the site of Pompeii, archaeologists found voids in the lava that were
formed by decaying bodies that had been captured in the flow. Plaster casts were
made by injecting plaster into the voids. Today, resins are used instead of plaster, revealing
the last moments of the citizens of Pompeii and Herculaneum who could not escape.

...in 1814, British Troops set fire to the White House, during the War of 1812. President James Madison had left the White House on the 22nd to meet with his generals, and Dolley Madison fled later in the day, after making sure the painting of George Washington had made it to safety. They were able to return two days later, but never lived in the White House again. Not until 1817 would a President live in the reconstructed White House, President James Monroe.

...in 1945, the last M-24 tank was produced by Cadillac, the last of the war effort by this most noble division of General Motors. Some people say it was the last tank produced by Cadillac, however, anyone who has ever been close to a 1959 Sedan De Ville might take issue with that statement.


1945 M-24 & 1959 Sedan de Ville - which is the tank? Speaking of automobiles...

...in 1967, Henry J. Kaiser passed on in Hawaii. He was 85, and left a legacy as the owner of a construction company, shipyard, Kaiser Aluminum, an airplane company and an automobile company that he founded with Joseph Frazer. His construction company was a part of the consortium that built the Hoover Dam, Bonneville Dam, Grand Coulee Dam and the footings for the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Kaiser-Frazer was formed in 1945 from the remains of Graham-Paige Automobile Company, and they started building cars in the war surplus plant in Willow Run, Michigan, where Ford Motor Company mass produced B-24 bombers. Henry J Kaiser foresaw a time when people would demand a smaller car than the tanks Detroit was building, and the Henry J was a compact car before anyone knew what a compact car was. They also built and sold Jeeps and the Kaiser-Darren, a sleek, sexy sports car that is still good looking. Kaiser-Frazer folded in 1955, but the Kaiser name lives on in several places, including the Kaiser Convention Center in Oakland, California.


1954 Kaiser Darren

...in 1938, Rhett Butler found a way to the screen when Clark Gable, reluctantly, signed to play the part. He was afraid that any actor in the shade of David O. Selznick would have an impossible task to play Butler to Selznick's approval. Gable was born in Cadiz, Ohio, (where his home has been reproduced by the Clark Gable Foundation) and he worked in an Akron tire factory at the age of 14. He was an oil driller, lumberjack, salesman and Broadway actor before he caught on in Hollywood. Of course, he played Butler with great success and also won an Oscar for It Happened One Night. He had a storybook marriage with Carole Lombard in 1939, the beautiful actress from Fort Wayne, Indiana, until her death in a plane crash in 1942 during a war bond drive. Gable died of a heart attach in 1960.


Clark Gable

That's it. That's all we know as of 2:31 AM, EDT.
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