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Pampered Chef: Selling More Logo Wear

  1. kcnancy

    kcnancy Member Gold Member

    20190709_200324.jpg 20190709_200330.jpg 20190709_200343.jpg
    Brown 2X HWC Logo, Pampered Chef Logo on the front, Help Whip Cancer on the back.
    $5.00 + shipping from 66214.

    20190709_200223.jpg 20190709_200231.jpg
    Red 3/4 sleeve ladies top size XL $7.00 + shipping from 66214.

    20190709_145320.jpg 20190709_145343.jpg
    Short sleeve, size 2X, logo is embroidered, not printed on this shirt. $5.00 + shipping from 66214.

    20190709_145026.jpg 20190709_145032.jpg
    Long sleeve size XL purple stud logo $7.00 + shipping from 66214.
    Jul 9, 2019
  2. TrishJ


    Do you still have the 2X tshirts?
    Oct 13, 2019
  3. kcnancy

    kcnancy Member Gold Member

    Yes they are still available. Sorry for the delay in my response, I was out of town!
    Nov 4, 2019
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