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Month 4 kit enhancement in April...



So I was thinking that my start-up kit enhancement month was in March followed by the April kit enhancement...but I just realized that they both fall in April. My goal is to get as much of the new cookware as possible...cuz it's PRETTY!!!

Here's the question...does this entitle me to two Kit Enhancement orders in April?

My only concern is that if the max order is based on $500 Retail Value, I won't be able to get all of the cookware. I can try to earn some with Pan-O-Rama, but at this point, I'm only at the first level and I've got NOTHING scheduled for the future. I'm trying an online season change-over sale right now however, my customer base is small and all have recently ordered! I know I really just need to hit the phones and do customer care calls like crazy. I started off with a bang, but it's SS2 and things are severely declining. :p So anyway...I'm not counting on Pan-O-Rama to get the cookware.


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Jan 21, 2005
If your SuperStarter inhancement month is supposed to be April PC moves it to May for you. You can get some things at 40% off in April with the rest of us and more in May as a SuperStarter if you want!


Woo hoo! :)

Thanks for the info!