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Mommy-and-Me Shows

May 16, 2004
I am having an open house Mommy-and-Me at my house, where I am making all the food. I don't plan to involve the children (I hired a baby-sitter to help supervise), most of the kids already know each other and are going to just play. It's an early show (5 pm), because most of my friend's kids are under 3.

I am hoping to book shows for some of these mommies. If they want a kids-included show, I'll do it just like the open house, or I can structure so that we prepare a recipe (or some snacks) with their children. Most of my friends work, so I also billed this as a night that they wouldn't have to cook. I would never make these many things for a regular party, of course, but these are my friends.

I am making Strawberry Spinach salad and a quick bread, mostly for the mommies. I'm making punch in the Quick-Stir Pitcher. If I get a few more responses, I'll need more food. So, I'll make a quick salsa and have cut up vegies and chips in my chillzanne server.

For the kids, I'll have granola (that I make in my bar pan) in a Simple Additions bowl, and some cheese sticks and pretzel bags in a couple other bowls. I am making some pb&j's in the cut-n-seal. (I always have lunchmeats available, if there are any food allergies).

Other nifty recipes to prepare:
root beer floats with the chillzanne cooler
cupcakes, use easy accent decorator
decorate cakes with cake stensil kit
quick and easy bag lunches
no-cook summer snacks (great for older kids to make on their own), could also do something that uses micro-cookers for the older kids.

I am looking for some ideas for activities that might fit in nicely, if someone wants to book a show, where the kids participate.