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Misc Tips


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Apr 14, 2004
Kitchen Tips
To get the most juice from your citrus fruits, microwave about 10-15 seconds, then roll between hands or on counter top. To avoid having to microwave, do not refrigerate citrus. They have more flavor (and juice) at room temperature.

+ When your Kitchen Shears/Scissors start to stick, spray the center with olive oil instead of the normal lubricant to keep the smell and taste off your food.

+ Use the Kitchen Scraper for a squeegee on shower doors and car windows.

+ To drain frozen spinach, place 2 paper towels on the bottom of the Medium Stainless Mesh Colander. Then put in spinach. Place 2 more paper towels on top and place the Small Colander in Larger Colander and press.

+ Cook bacon in Stoneware Bar Pan at 325* for 25 minutes-no turning!

+ The Rotary Grater has so many uses besides cheese: Grate a fine layer of chocolate over desserts, frozen butter over waffles, apples into pancakes, zucchini for bread, carrots into salad or meatloaf; use to make bread crumbs and bacon bits, grate bouillon cubes into soups or recipes for quick dissolving.

+Some suggestions for the Tool Turn About are: kitchen tools, scrapbooking supplies, knitting needles and crochet hooks, art supplies, office supplies, first aid kit, in bathroom for hair accessories, kid's crayons and markers -- they can even decorate it with stickers!

+ If one of your Pampered Chef cutting boards gets too many cuts in it, try smoothing it out with a fine grade sand paper.

+ To prevent your plastic containers from staining, try spraying it with cooking spray before filling with tomato based foods with our Kitchen Spritzer.

+ Use Life Savers to hold birthday candles on cake.

+ Use the Pizza Cutter to cut foods into bite-size pieces for little fingers-it's quicker and easier than a knife.

+ Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to your dishwater, it cuts through grease and softens hands.

+ If your brown sugar is hard- grate it in the Rotary Grater.

+ Place a few grains of rice in your salt and sugar shakers to absorb moisture.

+ For a fun, edible spoon for your dips or condiments (in the peppers above), cut a piece of celery the length of a long spoon keeping the wide end. Use your egg slicer plus (supporting the tines) to fan the thin end.

+ Use the Crinkle Cutter to mince fresh herbs or slice ice cream.