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Mini Catalogs


Jun 15, 2005
How many products to the mini catalogs have in them? What would they be good for ?


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Jul 23, 2005

the mini catalogs have all the new fall products in them. as for using them, i would send them to people who have been interested in doing a show but havent??? or something like that!!HTH!!
Apr 27, 2005
Mini advertisments

The mini catalogs only have the new products for the season in them. It would be great if they had the entire product line in them because they are convinent to have. You can send them to past hosts to entice them to book for this season. You can also carry them with you to give to people that you meet & offer them a discount if they call for a catalog & order. :)


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Feb 14, 2005
i completely agree. I love the minis. They are great to keep in your purse to pass out. The regular catalogs always get so gnarled up looking after being in my purse or car. This is the first time I have ordered the minis and I will keep doing it.
Sep 6, 2005
HO sent me a bunch of Summer catalogs with my SS kit even though my SS month 1 was September. So I had a bunch of them that I never really used, so throughout September, whenever someone asked for a catalog but I knew they may or may not order or have a show, I clipped a mini catalog to a summer catalog and gave them both. That way I didn't waste all of my fall catalogs on random people who just wanted to pretty much browse. It was worth it because I still have most of my fall catalogs and have still gotten lots of orders from the people who rec'd the summer catalogs and never returned them!
Jun 8, 2005
Give out with flyer

I recieved some minis with my fall paperwork (about 25), and I downloaded from this site (can't recall whose it was though or I'd give credit) a "There's a Pampered Chef Consultant In Your Neighborhood" flyer. I'm planning to give out the flyer with the mini catalogue either door to door or maybe to various businesses around here. I have nothing else to do with them, and the flyer alone won't mean much to anyone who doesn't know Pampered Chef already.


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Jan 21, 2005
The mini catalogs also are great to pass out at fairs. I too prefer to give the old catalog to people who only seem to want to look at a catalog. They'll get plenty of the new catalogs from me if they actually book. ;)

I love Deborah's idea of leaving them door to door to spread the word about your business!

I'm doing an Anniversary Month kick off on Oct. 3 and I think I'll include a mini catalog with the invitations I leave at homes of neighbors I don't know yet (I also add a note "Come meet the neighbors..."