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Mini-catalog recipe question

Oct 27, 2005
I have a customer that emailed me with a question about a recipe in the Mini-catalog. Here it is:

"I was wondering about that Classic Batter Bowl idea on Page 14. It shows the Classic bowl there but when I bring up the recipes on the Pampered Chef Website it says to use the Small Batter Bowl????? Could you please find out or figure out which bowl I need to buy? There is discrepancy there unless I am not reading it correctly?"

Can anyone help me with an answer for her? I have not seen the Mini-catalog yet, so I'm not sure what the answer is. I think it's the Small Batter Bowl, but not sure...... Thanks!


Here's the confusion with that. In the recipes it says to pack the small batterbowl with the dry ingredients.

Then in the next step, after the gift is given, the person is to pour the ingredients into the Classic batter bowl to finish the recipe.

I have been upselling the classic batter bowl. I let them know that it will be half full, but ready to go when it is received.