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Microwave cake


Aug 16, 2005
Please help! I've tried the recipe for the chocolate cake in the Rice Cooker Plus (mix cake and add 4-6 scoops of icing) and have had a different result each time - none of them good! One time the cake fell apart when I flipped it onto the plate, the next time it was only half-cooked (talk about a mess!) and the third time I cooked it a bit longer and it got too dry. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Julie Myers
Kitchen Consultant
Denver, PA


Advanced Member
Nov 24, 2004
Do a search for the Rice Cooker. You will find several opinions of making the cake in it.
I could not get it to come out in my microwave at the house. It doesn't have a turntable. I did make it at the lakehouse where there is a turntable microwave. It turned out, but I personally don't think I'll ever do it at a show. I'd rather show the microwave stones since they are higher priced. You can still mention the rice cooker.
Mar 1, 2005
Microwaved Cake in Rice Cooker Plus

Hi, I tried this just yesterday for lunch time - my little one had invited her friends over for a treat. I used just a regular chocolate Duncan Hines cake mix. Follow the instructions - mix everything in the Rice Cooker. I didn't have frosting on hand; instead I added half a jar of Nutella - this is a chocolate hazelnut spread you can easily find in the grocery aisle. Put the lid on and cook for 8 minutes. Take out and remove lid, and let it sit for a minute before you turn it over onto a plate. It worked great for me. It was very moist and the kids loved it. They called it a LAVA CAKE (because of the nutella running down the sides).