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Medium Bar Pan

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
This pan is by far my most favorite piece of stoneware. I am so thrilled that PC came out with it. That said, I am having a hard time now of selling the benefits of the Stoneware Bar pan. The thing is Gi-normous!! I seem to find myself saying, "Unless you have a huge family, you probably won't get much use out of it." Then I'm screaming at myself in my head!

Anyway...Sell me on the Stoneware Bar Pan again ladies!!

Thank you!

I also posted this in Customer Care (wrong spot--oops!)

janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
I don't have the medium bar pan yet but I do have my stoneware bar pan. I use it all the time for everything. Maybe if I had the medium bar pan I would use it more than the regular one. Not much help am I. :p giggle

You know before we had stones we had all different sizes of pans for everything. Well, its the same with stones. When you make more food you need a bigger pan. Make less food and use the medium pan. There are also several PC recipes that call for using the stoneware bar pan that the medium pan probably wouldn't be the best choice for. I make the twists (pepperoni and chicken bistro) and they fit perfectly. There may be some families that are larger and would use it more. Every family has different needs and the bigger bar pan may fit that need better. Thats whats so great about PC. We have something for everyone. Everyone needs to collect every size of the stoneware and every piece in the stoneware bar family! Well, I don't know if I've sold the idea to you but I've tried. grin :D


We're a small family- just my husband, my 14 month old, and me. I don't have the medium, but I LOVE the large one. Most of all we use it for nachos. Yes, my husband and I eat that many! It's our whole dinner, though. We also use it to make french "bakes" (like fries, but baked instead of fried.) I've made pizza on it, too, when we needed two pizzas.

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
Bar Pan

I love the medium bar pan (lots of brownies!!!) but still absolutely love the big bar pan.

I am attaching a file that was downloaded to me after a Teleclass. The original author is Erin McNutt, an Advanced Director with PC. I hand out this flyer all the time and personally use the pancake recipe at least tx a month.

Hope this helps!!!


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Mar 26, 2005
Don't need a huge family!

I have the Stoneware Bar Pan, (not the medium) and I find it is the perfect size for cookies and biscuits. I don't think you need a large family ( I mean it is not for singles maybe) but most cookie recipes state to have them 2" apart and it is perfect to just make one package of cookies. Same for store brand biscuits!

We also love corn dogs and that pan fits like only 6-8 of them, not alot of corn dogs, and they cook up crispy and evenly. Maybe you can show the benefit with talking about larger or bulkier frozen foods like that...


Mar 17, 2005
Bar Pans

I was thrilled to see the Medium Bar Pan as well because the Large Bar Pan was often too big for older people and those who did not cook alot. I find I am selling lots of Medium Bar Pans to that group of people and also to first-time stoneware buyers who are willing to experiment at the price of the Medium Bar Pan but may be apprehensive about spending the price of the large Bar Pan.

I find I am still selling lots of the large Bar Pans, as well, and have been promoting having both sizes, especially those with children. Sometimes the large Bar Pan isn't enough if you're using it for french fries, potatoes, cookies, etc. Customers will want to have both and use them side by side in the oven!!! I always ask the customer what they plan to use the bar pans for and help them choose the right piece for them.

I did some interesting calculations, comparing sales from this year to last year.

March 1/04 to July 23/04 - sold 110 Bar Pans @ $42.00 each (Cdn) = $4620

March 1/05 to July 23/05 - sold 70 Bar Pans @42.00 each (Cdn) = $2730
March 1/05 to July 23/05 - sold 75 Med Bar Pans @ $29.00 each (Cdn) = $2175
TOTAL Bar Pan Sales March 1/05 to July 23/05 = $4905.00

The addition of the Medium Bar Pan has been good for me as I'm sure it has been for everyone but we can still sell lots of the larger Bar Pans.