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Meat-less entree


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Mar 29, 2005
Hey everyone! I am having a show for a host on 10/26 and she said that she doesn't eat meat on Wednesdays. I know that it follows her religious/cultural beliefs but I'm trying to come up with a recipe for a main dish so she can eat it too. :confused: Does anyone have any suggestions for me?? I am clueless. :eek:

Thanks in advance!


Jul 23, 2005
one of my favorites is the southwest salsa pizza - it tastes really good, its easy, uses quite a few products, and is meatless! my sister is a vegetarian and she really likes it!



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Jun 22, 2005
Smashed Potato Soup (It's Good For You p.59) is good, and good for cooler weather

Vegetarian Black Bean Burgers (It's Good For you p52)-i haven't had it, but it's vegetarian

*Grilled Vegeable Pasta Salad - (It's Good For You p45) uses Tofu... I had never cooked with tofu until I tried this recipe. My kids ate it... my older daugter (10yrs ) asked if the tofu was chicken and if the aparagus was green beans... I said..."Yep" and she ate it all up!... then I told her the truth! hehe

These are Main Dishes... if you want appetizers ...there are tons out there without meat. My show last night I made Elegant Artichoke Cups (SBRC F/W 2004 - go online in consultants corner) Everyone loved it!! I had never made it before and, as all PC recipes do, it turned out wonderful and everyone was wanting the recipe! It has no meat...

Good luck! Don't fret it! It isn't about the recipe as far as you are concerned... but that is what is important to the hosts... so give her a few options, and then don't worry...they will taste wonderful!