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** Marketplace Guidelines **

Admin Greg

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Apr 13, 2004
The Marketplace is an area for you to request, trade, sell or buy items related to Pampered Chef. Possible items could be paperwork, discontinued Pampered Chef products, books and training aids, Pampered Chef rewards/bonuses ect. Please no sales of current Pampered Chef products.

1. When selling/trading an item please describe the product as detailed as possible.

2. Please use the preset prefix dropdown before the title (Selling or Buying)

3. Do not disclose any personal information over the trading post thread. Please make use of our private message system or through email.

4. Please make use of Delivery Confirmation at your local post office and package your item securely.

5. Please update your threads as items become bought or sold

Chefsuccess.com is not responsible for any lost, damaged or unsent items. Chefsuccess.com acts as a medium for members to communicate a trade or sale and that is all.
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