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Male Hosts?



Anyone have a show with a male host? I just found out that one of my past hosts just got a show for me with one of her colleagues. I haven't talked with him yet, but I was just wondering if you do things a little differently with you shows (like recipe, do you play a game). I am assuming that it will be a mixed crowd, but don't know for sure.

I just wanted some input so I will be prepared! For some reason, I feel nervous!

Thanks for any advice you can share... ;)
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just wanted to see if there was anyone with advice....

thanks! :eek:


Sep 5, 2005
I haven't had a male host yet, but I did have a male guest at a Kitchen Show. He showed up with his wife; they had kids on the same soccer team as the Hostess. He also was a chef at a local Golf Club!

He was a great customer and also put forth some very good comments. He liked the Easy Read Measuring cups and said they were less expensive than another brand (I can't remember what that brand was). He liked the knives but didn't think they would put up the abuse in a restaurant kitchen. He also said that I had some tips that he had never thought about. His wife hardly talked at all. All in all a good customer.
Oct 21, 2005
my hubby host parties....

My husband has hosted several catalog parties. He is actually pretty good. I have found that MEN REALLY DO LOVE PC> It is amazing the number of male customers I have. And they aren't just buying the BBQ items.



So you you do anything different at your shows then?? Or keep them the same....

Thanks. :)


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Jan 21, 2005
I just had a show with a male host booked on an outside order. I just called him and we discussed his goals. He loves our products and wanted more for his kitchen. He planned a party for after the show so we did an Entertaining Ideas show.

It really wasn't any different than most shows. Most of the guests were women. Don't worry and be natural and all will be fine. :cool:


Aug 20, 2005
male host

My second show was with a male host. He is a friend of mine who is recently seperated and his ex took 1/2 of the PC products with her. So he really wanted to replace some items and add to his collection. Since it was my second show, I just did what I had "normally" planned to do. There were women and men there at the party. And I found that the men got more excited about the products than the women. (Which I thought was funny since they were not the one's who did most of the cooking in their home)
My suggestion would be to treat your male host like you would a female host! ;)


May 24, 2005
I have had male hosts and find them to be more fun then the women. They always have a mixed crowd and it's a great time. I don't do anything differently with my show for a male or female host. I don't think they expect you to.