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Making calls Question


Mar 16, 2006
I know it is important to stay in touch with a host before a show, but how about after the show, before the closing of the show? I understand the concept of the morning after calls and I think it's a wonderful idea, but should a consultant continue to call, asking about outside orders up until the actual closing of the show? Or should a consultant just let the host know during the mac to call with any new orders and confirm the closing date and time?

Guess I'm trying to ask...how much is too much? :rolleyes:


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
I usually tell a host I'll follow up with her about 1/2 way between the show and when we're planning on closing. We can check in about any outside orders she was able to get. I do tell her to call me at any point if she wants me to calculate outside orders. I'll also call her if someone calls me directly to add to an order or to place an order, so then I can update her with the new show total. I wouldn't call every day after the show to ask about outside orders. Although if I don't hear from her when we had planned to close the show, then I'll likely call and email every day.


Mar 27, 2005
I always let my hosts know that they can call me as they get more outside orders. Not many do this but the ones who do call each day with 3 or 4 orders. These are usually the excited hosts and there sales are through the roof. This gives me a chance to say "Your only this far away from the next level" I can keep encouraging the host. I have a host doing it this week and she wants to sign once her show closes. At the date of her show she was under $500 now she's almost to $700 with more orders coming!!

This only works for me because I'm home all day. And I work on my business a little bit on and off all day long.