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Maid Incentive


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Apr 14, 2004
For guests & hosts, I have a flyer typed up and I put it in all my guest folders...it's right on top & at every show, I hear them talking about how they could really use a maid...I'm offering a maid for a month to whoever refers the most people to me who join my team by March 15---so far, no one has been referred to me but I have been getting lots of positive feedback. I wish I had run that one longer, but maybe another time I'll do it again. The point of this is, many of us (myself for one) were referred by someone. Had it not been for them, we wouldn't be in the business...I had never been to a show but my sister had been to many. She called me & told me I should do PC--and so I signed up. So take advantage of all those guests at your shows--there are many more of them than there are of you---they can really help you!!! Actually, at my show last night, there were 3 people who took packets and the host asked me if they all signed, if she could consider herself as the person who referred them--I told her certainly. So she will be working with me (I'm sure) to help get them to yes. Mary Jo Oyer
Dec 27, 2004
Great Idea!

I first started with Pampered Chef to pay for my daughter's preschool. That took up the first couple hundred I earned each month. As my business grew, so did my wishlist. The second thing I added to that was a housekeeper! I talk about that in my recruiting talk! "Would you be willing to work 2 nights a month to have a housekeeper come and clean your kitchen and bathrooms every other week?" I get lots of head-nodding on that!