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Made SS2 - YEAH!!!



I got the bonus for SS2 and it arrived yesterday. I used the US&G today to make a tomato sandwich and I love it. I didn't intend to slice the whole tomato, but it was so easy that I just did it.

For those of you wondering and thinking I made it very early, I will admit that I held over two shows from last month in order to make it this month because the US&G was too important to miss. I have one more show this month, it's an Ice Cream show that I'm doing in my house. I've handed out invites, e-mailed invites off my website, and yet I will be surprised if 3 people show up. There sure are a lot of conflicts in June!


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Mar 29, 2005
Congratulations! I remember last month was a very big month for me as well b/c I really wanted to earn the US&G too! Good Job! :D


I was so excited to earn SS2, but I wanted the tool turn-about and rectangular baker! It's just a great package all-around!