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:mad: Okay, this has happened twice to me. I have pinched the ever


Advanced Member
Feb 14, 2005
:mad: Okay, this has happened twice to me. I have pinched the ever loving fire out of my finger with the new tongs. I was so excited about them when we got them in and they were just what I had been looking for. But twice I have pinched (so bad it made a blood blister) my pinky finger. So, beware, they are vicious!!! haha. I still love them, just will be super careful. If you look at them at the the part that bends you will see a sharp corner, that is what bites me.


Sorry to hear that :( The way I grab my tongs, I hold them in the center and squeeze. I haven't pinched myself yet, but will definitly think about it now and be more carefull. Thanks for sharing.

Heal fast!


Apr 22, 2005
I really want to like the tongs, too....but have been pinched 2-3 times already! Grabbing at the center has helped tremendously!!


Jul 21, 2005
Me Too!

I have been pinched COUNTLESS times, sometimes very, very hard! (I was using them to take giant lobsters out of a pot of steaming wine - you have to really work the tongs to get a good grip, and every time they slid off the shell, they got my pinky!)

I will try the grab in the middle idea, and I will not be passing them around at a show!

Too bad - I bought them because I thought they were SO COOL, and had to be seen to be believed...


Novice Member
Nov 12, 2005
When I got mine in, my husband and I were both holding them - I was showing him how they worked. Somehow I closed them and took several layers of skin off his thumb. It took a good week for it to totally heal. PC needs to look into making that sharp edge safer.