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MAC calls


Apr 27, 2005
I am curious, for those of you that do MAC calls, I know they work out well for you, but for me it is different for some reason. What would you do in my case? Whenever I did MAC calls in the past, some people that I would call would get irritated that I was calling them. What do you say when you make your MAC calls? Maybe I am saying something to upset them. This is what my call intaled:

1) Thanks for placing order
2) Any questions on product ordered
3) Keep receipt in a safe place
4) 2-3 weeks for delivery
5) Interested in having a party of their own?
6) Thank them again

I know for those of you that do MAC calls are very successful at it with getting bookings and recruits, but for me it has not worked. I have sent out numerous postcards for after they received their products and have not once recieved a call for building my team or to want parties. What would you advice if phone calls and postcards have not worked for me?


Legend Member
Oct 6, 2005
Keep it customer care focused

Don't ask them to book a show.

Here's what I do:
1. It was nice meeting you, thank you for your order, I hope you had fun and learned something.
2. Confirm what she ordered, it will arrive to host in 2 weeks
3. Any questions about what you purchased or anything you already own?
4. Thank you again and you can call me anytime for questions or new recipes.

And they hang up and think "Wow, she didn't bug me to host, didn't bug me to buy more, what a nice consultant!"

Then later when you call them for an Out of the Box or Customer Care call, you can ask them about booking and recruiting.


Apr 27, 2005
And what is your outline for the out of the box / customer care calls?