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Looking for..

Aug 11, 2005
I am looking to see if anyone has done or seen a spring catalog cheat sheet? As well as the booking flyer March-June for hostesses and then guests.

Ive started to work on them but last time I did this as soon as I did they were posted so I thought I would check first..

thank you


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Jul 21, 2005
Spring/Summer 2006 Cheat Sheet

Here's a sheet I got from someone. Hope this helps.


  • Catalog Cheat Sheet list w pgs.doc
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Oct 21, 2005
That's Great! Thank you Pamperedharriet

Thank you for the cheat sheet! I've never seen one and have never even thought of this. What a great idea! I'm always getting asked where such and such is and I just can't keep up with the catalog! This will be so helpful!


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Apr 10, 2005
Another verion

Hi, "Anal Annie" here! I got this cheat sheet from my AD, and I always have issues if stuff doesn't line up. So, for those of you with the same psychosis, here is a version that has all the columns lining up.

I wish I could say I have better things to do with my time, but I do this kind of stuff in the middle of the night when I can't sleep!!!!



  • 2006 s s Catalog Cheat Sheet_.doc
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