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Looking for "old catalog" sticker wording that was previously posted

Feb 22, 2005
There use to be something on here that was quite catchy for old catalogs.

It started like this:

Though this catalog may be old
Look inside and you"ll be sold

I can't remeber the rest of it.... can anyone out there help me with the rest of this ditty?

I did a search and I can't find it. I have a fair this weekend and have tons of old catalogs that I would like to use.

Thanks in advance!


Aug 5, 2005
Though the date on this catelog may be old,
Just look inside and you’ll be sold…
Many great products you will see
Call me to learn how to get some FREE!!

Call me for a new catelog!
“Your Info”

Someone here posted this a while back, it's so cute! :)