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Looking for help

Sep 1, 2004
I am just really getting my PC biz going. I have had quite a few catalog shows, and a couple kitchen shows (which were for friends back home) But now that we have moved, I have a whole new "arena". I was looking for some show ideas.. are there show outlines anywhere. ANYWHERE.. lol.. I just need a lil kick start.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.




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Apr 14, 2004
Your director might have some great ideas. Maybe there is a hospitality director she could hook you up with for meetings. Also audio and video tapes are for sale from the company of our company's best. Past newsletters are also packed with ideas.
Good Luck!


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Sep 16, 2004
The teleclasses offered by the home office are great starters--check them out! they are like conference calls with a "teacher" who happens to be a director for the Pampered Chef, last about 1 hour and are full of great tips because you are talking/listening to people from all over the place. try it--worked for me! :)


This happened to me too!

I got married in February and moved to a different country in March.

My in-laws didn't really support me in much, but especially this job, so I was really on my own.

I contacted my director (I had to sign up again here) and got into the meetings.

I contacted people about Fairs, both craft and bridal (which are expensive but split it with another consultant)

I ran an add in the newspaper, in both the Help Wanted Section, and the Shopping/Services section.

I wear a button anytime I am outside, even if its to take out the trash.

And ask your old director or your hospitality director if they can give you a cling for your car. That helps a lot too.

Also, get your website up. Its SOO easy and really does help a lot.

the Last thing I did that helped the MOST! was take all my old catalogs and print a letter stating that I was new to the area, and listing a show that I was holding at my house on the next I Love the Pampered Chef day (extra piece of stone maybe!) and that one guest would be chosen as the "Mystery Host" and get all the host bonus points!

It worked, and now I am becoming quickly booked up for every month!

Let me know how it works for you?