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Pampered Chef: Buying Looking for half aprons

  1. I'm looking for a PC half apon (my desc.) that I saw a while ago on a former PC consultant. I have a comfort issue with the full apron that goes around the neck and this one seemed to solve that problem for me. I live near Barrie in Ontario Canada and can pick up locally or will arrange shipping.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2009
    Nov 20, 2009
  2. naekelsey

    naekelsey Advanced Member Gold Member

    I have a black one with Pampered Chef in white on the left hand corner (side while it is on) It looks like one maybe a server would wear $10 free shipping
    Nov 25, 2009
  3. That's great, thanks for your reply. Could you let me know the condition. It would be my main apron for doing all my shows so I just need an idea of how it looks. Also, if you could let me know how you prefer payment, that would be great.

    Kathryn Read
    Nov 26, 2009
  4. naekelsey

    naekelsey Advanced Member Gold Member

    it is in excellent condition. I only took it out of the bag to look at it...(it just never made it back into the bag) Paypal would be great kjkelsey@san.rr.com I can send you a picture
    Nov 30, 2009
  5. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Legend Member Gold Member

    If anyone else has one of these I would be interested in buying it. I chose the other one and LOVE it! I have a new male consultant that is doing awesome and I'd love to get it for him as an incentive.
    Dec 1, 2009
  6. I've sent you a quick note about arranging payment.
    Thank you,
    Dec 2, 2009
  7. crystalscookingnow

    crystalscookingnow Senior Member Gold Member

    I usually just fold the big ones in half so that the pockets show & then tie it around my waist. Don't like the full ones either. :)
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