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Looking for discontinued stoneware storage rack

Jul 17, 2005
Anyone have one they can sell me. I have a customer that is looking for 2, but will take what i can find. please email me a price and shipping cost to 70548.



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Jul 23, 2005

dont have the rack but wanted to remind that you that you cant post your personal website on here!! HO released emails and stuff about it....so you might wanna pull it off!!


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Jul 31, 2005
I could use an extrastone rack too. LOve these. Why are they going out.?>

Susan Gentile
Feb 20, 2006
Stoneware Rack

I've got two stoneware racks if you are still looking for some. I also have a black 25th anniversary apron (lettering in silver) and a patriotic tablecloth if anyone is interested.

Diggin around in my big bag of tricks, I've also got a tool turn about tote, PC organizer thing, small backpack type purse, and another PC purse-hard to describe- that I was hoping to get rid of. Let me know if you are interested and I can send pics of what I have. Most are brand new in package and some are just new.

My sister in law gave them to me when she stopped selling, so I don't know what they were given for.
Feb 20, 2006
Pampered Chef items

I have pictures of the stuff up on a photo album, let me know if you are interested. I also found a silver chef hat necklace on black cord.

I figured I would just take offers to my sister and ask if she would sell them for that. She wanted me to have them but she could use the money right now.