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Looking for Cobalt Blue Pie Plate

Mar 26, 2005
My Director was located in Biloxi, MS and she lost every piece of Pampered Chef she had over 10 years in the business and I am looking for the Cobalt Blue Pie Plate to send her. Thanks!

Noelle Williams
Jan 21, 2006
Have one!

I used to live in biloxi also. (before I joined PC). I worked at the Edgewater Mall at JCP. (Is it even still there?) I was there with the Air force Base. Now living in RI.

Anyway, I do have the deep dish pie plate in cobolt blue, (but I use it :( ) I would be willing to trade it for a white or cranberry one. :)

Or you could try HO, mine broke in 2005 (I think) so I sent the piece in for replacement and to my surprise they replaced it with another cobolt blue one.
So they must have some in a warehouse somewhere. :)

Let me know how you make out.

Mar 26, 2005
cobolt blue pie plate

I really dont know what is still there - she lived on base right behind the bx/commissary and she lost everything - 10 ft watermarks in a 2 story house! She lives in Virginia now at Langley AFB - I have a heather blue one that I do not use from a few years back - would you trade for that one?