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  1. lhgegg


    Need help getting bookings in Missouri. When I get hostess' they want to only have catalogue shows and then they never turn in the orders or the money. I am not having good luck with PC at all!! THinking about giving it up already I am only in 3rd month. I have onley made my $90 back. Not enough to cover other expenses. Of course my recriter is really pushing me, but hey my own family has even backed out on me and they talked me into this. Do any of you have any suggestions. I have already went thru my list of 100 twice. No one wants PC where I live. I have been thinking about a website. Does anyone out there have one? Do they work?? :( :(
    Aug 7, 2005
  2. DebbieSM

    DebbieSM Member

    Keep your chin up!!!

    The only way the web site will help you, is by advertising it. If you have a lot of family out of town and you think you may be able to get some more orders on line, go for it. Have you left flyers on bulletin boards at grocery stores? Have you tried to give catalogs to your hair dresser, secretary at Dr. office, your dentist office, etc. Don't give up!!! Just think out of the box. School is going back soon, do you have any children? If you do, talk to the school about doing a fundraiser, talk to the other parents in the school yard. Just DON'T GIVE UP so easily, there are many people on this site to support you. Talk to everyone again about the upcoming monthly specials, Christmas will be here before you know it. I was in SS month 3 last month and I only had 1 show. I thought, well it is in the middle of summer. I didn't give up, this month I have 3 shows, and next month I have 6 shows so far. Next month I am hoping to have 10. I make my customer care calls, I tell them the upcoming specials and then I tell them that there are 39 new items in the new catalog. I got 2 bookings already this way, and 1 possible gift registry (she is not getting married yet). Good Luck!!! Hope I helped a little.

    Debbie :D
    Aug 8, 2005
  3. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    I understand your frustration. Those first 4 shows are really important in getting people you don't know already. If you never break out of your group of family and friends, it is very hard.

    Does that mean you need to throw in the towel? NO! It means you need to look at things differently. As the Lemonade Lady, Christie Northrup, has said, "When life gives you lemons, do the lemonade twist!" Check out her website...she has a free newsletter with great advice and tips. Here are some booking ideas...118 to be exact!

    This list created by: Monique Noriega

    1. Send a catalog to a co-worker or friend who has moved.

    2. Send a catalog to reps from other party plans and ask to exchange shows.

    3. Post a catalog in the teacher's lounge at your child's school.

    4. Post a catalog in the employee's lunch room.

    5. Hold an open house.

    6. Have a booth at a church bazaar.

    7. Advertise in your alumni newsletter and/or local newspaper.

    8. Give a catalog to the receptionist in your doctor's or dentist's office.

    9. Include a current catalog or flyer with your local bill payments.

    10. Put a current catalog and sample in your neighbor's door.

    11. Always carry business cards and catalogs with you to hand out.

    12. Ask ALL your friends to have a show.

    13. Advertise in the church bulletin.

    14. Host an office party.

    15. Host a Brunch.

    16. Have your family wear Pampered Chef T-shirts.

    17. Mail out catalogs with a wish list and order form.

    18. Host your own show.

    19. Host a fundraiser for your favorite charity.

    20. Host a show before, during or after a PTA meeting.

    21. Get a list from the Welcome Wagon to find newcomers in the area.

    22. Set up a display at craft fairs.

    23. Participate in a school fundraiser.

    24. Have your husband or significant other promote products at work.

    25. Wear a "Do You Pamper Yourself?" button.

    26. Wear your charm holder and logo pins out in public.

    27. Hold a Valentine's, Mother's Day, or Christmas Shopping Show for men.

    28. Offer guests a Secret Santa Wish List.

    29. Set up a temporary display in a mall.

    30. Put a "FREE Products! Ask Me How!" button on your purse.

    31. Ask past Hostesses to talk about their FREE products.

    32. Hold an Opportunity Night nearby.

    33. Mention Host Benefits at least 3 times per show.

    34. Showcase higher priced items and remind guests they can get it half off.

    35. Mention how much an "average" Host receives FREE!

    36. At the beginning of the show, mention the Host goal.

    37. Share upcoming specials at all shows with all guests.

    38. Tell your Host how much she saved by having a show.
    39. Encourage frequent customers to regularly plan shows.

    40. Encourage Hosts to rebook themselves in the next 3 months.

    41. Treat Hosts to a special "Hosts Appreciation Tea".

    42. Encourage relatives to have a show.

    43. Call your realtor with suggestions for "New Home Packages".

    44. Offer to do a theme show demo/class for a local women's group.

    45. Ask everyone for referrals.

    46. Follow up on all referral leads on Door Prize Slips.

    47. Offer a Birthday or Anniversary Club.

    48. Offer a Bridal Registry.

    49. Promote Pampered Chef Bridal Shower Parties.

    50. Create a binder to showcase different theme show parties to choose from.

    51. Create a visual for the Host Program by playing "Stack the Host".

    52. Be friendly and enthusiastic.

    53. Take the pieces that you LOVE to your shows!

    54. Follow through on EVERY booking lead.

    55. Ask, Ask, Ask.

    56. Ask every guest at every show for 3 referrals.

    57. Use open-ended questions to uncover objections.

    58. Use products at home then share your ideas at shows.
    59. Read sales, self-improvement and positive thinking books.

    60. Call at least 2 potential Hosts EVERY night.

    61. Dream and imagine the possibilities!

    62. Set goals and review them constantly. Post where you can see them.

    63. Ask friends to help you get started or to reach a certain goal.

    64. Goal yourself for "x" number of shows each month.

    65. Copy Host Specials and mail to past hostesses and interested clients.

    66. Use postcards and newsletters to continue to spark interest.

    67. Follow up phone calls to interested guests. Ask them to have a show.

    68. Call all hostesses who postponed or never had their party as planned.

    69. Have the Host tell why she decided to have a show.

    70. Give products as gifts or donations.

    71. Don't be shy talking about your products or your business.

    72. Smile when talking on the telephone.

    73. Make regular customer service calls to replenish products.

    74. Review orders from past shows and call customers with large orders.

    75. Be prepared to answer questions about your work.

    76.Write down names of people who "owe you a favor", then follow up.

    77. Call the most familiar people first.

    78. Spend time every day working on some aspect of your business.
    79. Be willing to share the Opportunity with everyone.

    80. Call anyone who has said "maybe" or "sometime".

    81. Contact schools, churches, and women's groups for fundraisers.

    82. Advertise in football or musical programs.

    83. Leave your business cards on bulletin boards or in local businesses.

    84. Talk about upcoming specials with everyone.

    85. Keep a list of special requests. Notify guests when that product is on sale.

    86. Suggest a Christmas show so guests can shop without leaving home.

    87. Offer bonuses for booking a show on certain dates.

    88. Offer Book Show options to those who work in office environments.

    89. Give extra service and time to good customers to make repeat customers.

    90. Carry a notepad to jot down names as you think of them.

    91. Let guests keep a catalog on hand to show friends or pass around at work.

    92. Contact men's groups (Kiwanis, Lion's, Rotary) to host a show.

    93. Offer complimentary gift-wrapping on orders over a certain amount.

    94. Mail recipe postcards using monthly specials to keep in touch.

    95. Have a Booking Basket for Hosts with gifts for pre-arranged bookings.

    96. Strive to have 21 shows up on your calendar.

    97. Offer businesses an employee gift/incentive program. Write up as a show.

    98. Do a Product Lottery.

    99. Get leads from participating in trade shows or business expos.

    100. Take pre-wrapped gift sets to male oriented business and take orders.

    101. Tell everyone to tell their friends to get their kitchen products from you.

    102. Let everyone know that it's your job to give away FREE products!

    103. Take several beautiful but versatile pieces to your show to demo.

    104. Let customers FEEL the quality of products in their own hands.

    105. Make your daily 2+2 calls. Chart your progress.

    106. Participate in Bridal Trade Shows for leads.

    107. Take a PC recipe in a PC dish to every function you attend that has food.

    108. Pass out recipes to guests for dishes demonstrated at your show.

    109. Offer a special incentive for booking a show within 2 weeks.

    110. Get guest lists from Hosts so you can contact guests after the show.

    111. Surprise Bookings. Call guests and ask for bookings as surprise to Host.

    112. Use car magnets on car to advertise business.

    113. Encourage Host to ask everyone to book a show.

    114. Have Host show friends what FREE Host Bonuses she is trying to earn.

    115. Ask Host to invite those who need or want a job.

    116. Make a "Mix-in-a-Bag" gift for the Host. Make a recipe that focuses on Monthly Guest or Host Special.

    117. Make a "Host Necklace". Use one inexpensive tool for EACH booking she obtains BEFORE her show date. Tie together with curly ribbon.

    118. Booking Necklaces - String inexpensive door prize items on curly ribbon. Hang 6 around Host's neck. As guests arrive, let her explain that she needs to give them all away so she can win a special gift. She can only give them to her friends who will book a show for her. Those who decide to book first get first choice of which necklace they want. They wear around their neck so you can see who already wants a show.
  4. need bookings

    I have just started PC and I am worried I have asked a few of my friends to have parties for me and they won't respond. I wanted to leave flyers but the stores tell me that that is soliciting and they won't let me hang them. How do I get parties booked? I have tried things like discovery toys and it didn't work I am hoping that PC isn't the same way. Can you help me? :( :(
    Aug 13, 2005
  5. chefbilyeu

    chefbilyeu Member

    I have a consultant on my team that is having booking problems too. She's asking, but not finding any interest. Here's what I told her in an email:
    Hey Katie,
    I realized that lots of times people get scared of home parties... I remember when people would talk to me about having their own business, and asking me to have a party, and I'd shutter. Most people's idea of a home party is a sit-around, boring, blah night where there is someone standing in front of them trying to sell them something they can't find a need for. When I look at that, I realized that just asking them, "have you ever thought about hosting your own show" is threatening to them! (sounds silly, but true!) So, I started going about it another way. When I made my "out of the box" calls yesterday, I found a way to slide in the fact that I just had a Jimmy Buffett show. I didn't directly ask...at the end of the conversation, I just said, "Well, I really hope you enjoy that (Stone, for example). I used my Large Round Stone at my Jimmy Buffett Theme Show last night and it really helped me make the Cheeseburger Calzone turn out perfect, despite the fact that my host put my Woven Selections tray IN the oven with it! (true story). Have you ever thought about having a Jimmy Buffett show, or a Death By Chocolate show? I have all kinds of theme shows that are lots of fun."

    That way, they see the fun side versus the selling side of our business. We are unique in that we can offer that. How exactly would that work at a basket or candle party? We have the ability to do fun theme shows with coordinating recipes that people will love!

    When I mentioned yesterday that I carry my bag around, and the nurse at the doctor's office noticed, and ended up booking a show, let me explain how that happened. I was feeling horrible! Like I said, I was not in the mood to talk PC. But, she noticed my bag, and asked if I sell. I said yes, I've been doing it for about 2 years now. She said, "I love the stuff, but I can't ever afford it, usually." I looked at her and said, "Well, you just need to know the right people to give you a discount, wink wink" She replied, "So if I'm nice enough, you'll be that person?" I half smiled, and said "Sure". (at that point, I figured if she wanted to order, I'd give her 10% off). She said, "You know, I'm just not the home party type. I really don't like to do that. I will go to parties, but I don't like having all those people in my home." I laughed and said, "I know how you feel, I'm a terrible hostess. I'm a much better consultant". Then I said, "But that's why I'm a consultant now. I get to go into other people's homes and have parties for them. I have so much fun doing my theme shows. I just did a Murder Mystery show last Thursday, and I have a Jimmy Buffett Theme show tonight where we are having a cheeseburger calzone, margarita pie, and the host is making Margarita punch." She said, "do you get a chauffer to take you home at the end of the night?" I laughed and said, "Nah, I leave the margarita drinking to my guests". She said, "well, I bet that would be fun. Do you have a card you could give me? I think that sounds like a great idea!" I was about floored! I gave her a catalog, and said I would check back with her if I didn't hear from her within the week to set up a date. I then opened the catalog and showed her what was on special in September.

    Since I've started doing theme shows, people seem to book more. Just the thought of something out of the ordinary and fun is all reason people need to book a show. I'd love to go over with you some of the theme shows I'm doing---they aren't much different than any other show, except I throw in contests (like ugliest hawaiian shirt, for example) and theme-related games. Next time you are talking to someone about PC, casually mention that with the new season you are getting together some fun new theme shows! Get them excited before they even book!

    I hope this helps someone out there that is having booking trouble--this has DRASTICALLY increased my bookings! People want to have FUN--so give them fun, then give them your kitchen tips. My show average has gone up, and now, instead of getting compliments on how much I know, I'm getting compliments like "I hate home parties, but I had so much fun, I'm actually thinking of booking my own!"

    I need to thank the ladies here for the great ideas and games I got from this site! I love ALL OF YOU for your help! (And thanks for dealing with my sometimes LONG posts!)
    Aug 13, 2005
  6. noradawn

    noradawn Guest

    wow, Rebecca, what an awesome email! You inspired me! I'm going to start talking about theme parties more!
    Aug 13, 2005
  7. Cookie

    Cookie Member

    Murder Mystery

    Rebbeca, How do you do your murder mystery show. I am putting one together and would love some input. Thanks.
    Aug 14, 2005
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