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Looking for advice!

Apr 5, 2018
Hey everyone,

Kevin Ranoldo here! I'm new to Pampered Chef and have my first party, an Italian night theme, set up for this comming Tuesday (the 10th). I'm really excited to get started entertaining and selling the PC products and have invited about 70 people. The probem I am running into is out of the 70 people I invited, not a single one of them has RSVP'd that they are going. I have reached out to my FB friends, my coworkers, my wife's coworkers, my friends at church, and while several of them were interested in the fact that I was doing PC, none of them commited to going to the party I have set up. I'm trying to not get discouraged and focusing on the fact that I won't be making a million dollars in my first month. What I would like is some advice on how to get people interested enough to actually buy the product from me and not just get excited and say they will or take a cataloge then forget about it. Has anyone had anything similar to this happen to them. I should probably clarify that I live i Arizona, yet virtually all of my friends and family live 2500 iles away on the east coast. In addition, I do not have a large circle of friends here in Arizona where I live. I need to get my buisness to people who will buy but how can I do that and be sure they will buy and aren't just saying they will?

Any advice will be helpfu!
Grace and Peace,
Kevin Ranoldo


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Jan 19, 2006
People are HORRIBLE about RSVPing. It's not just you and this party, so don't take it personally. I mail invitations for all of my parties (won't hold a cooking party without a guest list) and am willing to make a pre-party contact (phone call or email) as a reminder. People easily forget even if they planned to attend.

So, I suggest that you make a reminder contact. I've just started using "phonevite" for reminder calls. For the first 15 years of my business, I made those calls one-by-one. An email is easy to send, be sure to include the party link so those who can't attend can quickly place an order.