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Looking for a Cluster Mtng??


Novice Member
Feb 20, 2006
Does anyone out there have or know of cluster meetings in the Suffolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Va Beach (Virginia) areas? My recruiter is a friend who lives in Japan - so I don't think I'll be attending any of her meetings. I'm trying to see if there is a group that I might be able to meet with to share ideas, questions, successes with.


Brooke (newbie to PC)


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Welcome, Brooke! If you don't have any luck finding a cluster on here, your director should request a hospitality director for you. This would be someone in your area whose cluster meetings you can attend, who you can utilize for training and support and just to have someone close by to answer questions. Directors can only request hospitality directors from the HO. Good luck to you! :D
Feb 7, 2006
Have a cluster in Chesapeake


I just signed on 2 weeks ago and went to my first meeting before I signed on and I know the Director wouldn't mind having other come to her monthly meetings. We have a few that aren't her direct line. Anyway, her name is Elizabeth Brinster 757-549-5131 [email protected]. Would love to have you there. Please give drop her an email or whatever and I hope to see you at the next meeting Early March. She can explain more.

Good luck,

Michelle Breeding (473065)
Independent Kitchen Consultant
(Chesapeake, VA)